I Forgot That I Have Cable

I have lived so long without cable television that I forgot it is actually included in my rent now that I live in student housing. We also have a television that was provided as part of the rent package but since I went so many years watching things on Hulu on my computer I don’t even use the television…even though it is a nice large flat screen.

I guess I have been so accustomed to watching the shows that I want on my own time that I cannot possibly think of going back to waiting for a particular time for something to come on just so I can watch it.

I am saving money by using the free version of Hulu, even though it means I do have to wait about a week to watch the most current episode of a show.

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  1. Not to mention the commercials. If you watch TV, you are stuck having to wait for all the commercials, but they can be easily avoided if you watch TV through the Internet.

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