Big mistake

On a point of order…I got this fixed but did not want to delete the post. I called the credit card company and there was a problem with the website. I did pay on time…and the payment did go through. The website was just showing the wrong information. 11/26/06 Today I noticed that I had committed a debt-reduction sin. I completely forgot to check my software for the due date of one of my credit card...

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Improve your credit score

5 steps for improving your credit rating Close out your newest accounts so that you don’t lose your longer credit history. Close out accounts slowly over several months. Verify that all accounts you’ve closed are reported as “closed by consumer” for the best report. Even if creditors offer to raise credit limits, allow yourself only moderate credit limits. Keep your balances low and avoid revolving balances...

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Credit Card balance transfers

Some people think they can transfer credit card balances to lower their debt. This only works if you do not charge anything on the card you are transferring to and pay more than the minimum due. Otherwise you are just shuffling the money and the interest around and you may end up paying more in interest in the long run. Once again I see people saying you should cut up your credit cards but this, in my opinion, is not very practical....

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