I am not a vegetarian…….

….I just do not eat chicken….or pork….or beef. I have never been a fan of the taste of meat and when I was growing up I would always have to stay at the table after everyone else was done because I had not cleaned off my plate. One of my most vivid memories of hating meat was when I was about seven or eight (I am spelling the low numbers out here Shawn) and my brother told me that corned beef was made with rats. I immediately stopped eating corned beef…..although it did take me a while to realize that HE was still eating it. Hey I was only seven and he was much older!

I stopped eating corned beef and would make these little gagging noises whenever I saw it so after a few months my mother stopped giving it to me. This is after days of telling me I could not leave the dinner table until my plate was clean (and putting the cat and the dog outside so I could not feed them under the table) then coming back 30 minutes later and finding me staring at the meat on the plate.

Now I decided to try the same tactics with chicken which I really hated. What? Chicken? Everyone eats chicken you say. Well not me. I hate it. My brother loves it so much that he even cracks the bones and chews them up. *shudder at the thought*

I weaned off meat slowly except for ham which I love (especially at Christmas time!!!) and beef, but only if cooked a certain way.

This year I decided to give up red meat for lent and then when the period was over I realized that I did not miss meat. Now I do supplement my protein intake by eating fish and lots of peas and beans which I love (except for green string beans….ewwww).

Now I love eggs and fish so I will never be a vegetarian but I have just decided that I do not want to eat meat if I can avoid it. Since fish is more expensive Honey says that I will not be able to ever save money because I will have to spend more for a small piece of fish than he spends on a big bag of chicken. While the prices do not lie I do not think this will be a problem for me because I do many meatless meals. Most times I just eat my meal with plenty of peas and beans and I really do not have a problem with doing this.

I do not even notice that I do not have some kind of animal on my plate until someone points it out to me. I probably eat fish three times a week and this includes tuna from a can. When I buy a piece of salmon for example I cut it into smaller pieces and use one per meal. When Honey was staying with me I would use one package of salmon to make two meals, one for each of us. Now that I am here alone I cut the fish into three or four pieces and that way one package lasts me a week’s worth of meals.

So for all those who look at me strangely at the barbecue and wonder why I do not eat chicken….no I am not a vegetarian, I just do not like chicken.

Author: Lulu

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  1. Poor Lulu… Doesn’t like chicken! I love chicken… although I choked on a piece a few years ago and it nearly killed me lol.

    Most of my friends are very picky eaters – they live off chicken, hamburgers and fries.

    Oh and good job on the numbering! 🙂

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  2. One good tip for fish is to check out your frozen section and see if they have whole (large) fish fillets. I like getting these, cutting them into personal fillet servings, then freezing them all separately in plastic bags. They’re often around the same price (or cheaper even) than poultry.

    I actually used to be a vegetarian myself for a number of years, pretty much up until I moved overseas for a while…where it became sort of unavoidable to eat meat. As of now I pretty much limit myself to chicken, fish, & eggs. I don’t really have an aversion to meat because I grew up with it, basically I just gave it up for ethical reasons (and because it’s economically more efficient and better for the environment eating lower on the food chain).

    LOL, the though of corned beef does actually make me sick, though, that’s one of the few meat products that makes me gag =P

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  3. My dear Lulu,

    Here’s the deal, you and I have to part ways, you don’t like chicken? That’s fiine with me but, NO GREEN BEANS? you are killing me!!!!! Consider this my 2 week notice! LOL

    OMG i loved this post. I learn something new about you all the time. Now I”m going to come up with all these chicken jokes just to mess with you! 🙂

    Just kidding. You know i love ya girl 🙂
    p.s. the only issues i have with picky eaters and the ones who frown at me when i’m cracking my bones open and sucking out the crap! LOL

    lemme stop.

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  4. What a strange lil’ wanker you are. 10lbs of chicken for cheaper than a few scraps of salmon. You can’t beat that, yow.

    Now I have my issues with chicken. I can’t stand the skin, unless fried to a crisp. Anything that feels “wiggly” in my mouth, makes me gag. So I need to skin my chicken and trim all the fat really well.

    But apart from that, chicken is lovely. Who doesn’t eat chicken? A wanker, that’s who.


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  5. Oh now everyone is a comedian I see. You guys and gals just cracked me up with these comments.

    Shawn…if you did not eat chicken then you would not have choked right? Case in point.

    Willster..shame on you for abandoning the cause. But at least you stick to your guns on the corned beef thing so I think I will give you a few more bonus points.

    Miss T……ah, I can’t believe you are quitting on me over a fowl. LOL

    Baz….dude you’re calling ME a wanker because I don’t want to hurt the poor little chickens. I think of myself as their friend. 🙂

    It’s all good. Glad I could make y’all laugh.

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  6. True statement… but, if I hadn’t choked, then I wouldn’t have went to the hospital and found out that my esophagus (such an odd word) was in bad shape from years of acid / heartburn…

    and thus, now I take Prilosec and the heartburn is gone! Thanks, Chicken!!!

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  7. i came back to read more of the comments about this one. i even blogged about it. LOL

    i love ya girl 🙂

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  8. Hey miss T, the cheesecake looks great so I forgive you for the green beans.

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