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Should I Pay Rent Early To Get A Chance At One Month Free?

March 30, 2015 by Lulu in Finances with 1 Comment
Should I Pay Rent Early To Get A Chance At One Month Free?

I am wondering if I should pay my rent early to get a chance to win one month free. My apartment complex has been having issues with people paying rent late and then having to charge them late fees. To alleviate this problem they came up with the idea of having a raffle of everyone who pays rent early, so those people can win a chance to win one month’s rent!

The bad thing is that you have to pay before the last day of the month, meaning that if I enter now I would be paying twice in one month. The good thing is that if I win I could get one month totally rent free and that means money in my pocket. The other bad thing is that the electric bill is usually not added until the first of the month, meaning that I would have to pay rent now and then make a second payment to get the electricity taken care of. The other good thing is that they have temporarily suspended the charge for paying via credit card, so it does not matter if I make multiple payments as I won’t get charged extra.

I think I will go ahead and pay the rent early this month to get a chance, however small, at getting one month free. I have nothing to lose since it is going on my credit card and I can manipulate the date to show up as next month in Mint. I have the chance at gaining one month free rent, without paying extra fees, so it is a winning situation for me.

Finally Filed My Taxes

March 23, 2015 by Lulu in Finances with 0 Comments

So I finally filed my taxes, despite trying to get them done early. One of the reasons I was procrastinating is that I kept thinking I was missing a document.

I kept looking for that document and even requested for it to be resent to me, without realizing that I was not supposed to get one in the first place. I finally realized my mistake and ended up filing online using one of the free systems.

I got word that my return was received and I should look forward to my tiny return in a few weeks.

One Reason To Bank Online: Mobile Deposits

March 20, 2015 by Lulu in Finances with 0 Comments

Banking online is so easy and one reason to bank online is the feature of mobile deposits. What could be easier than taking a picture of the front of your check and having the deposit go straight to your account?

For most banks the method is the same:

-Log in to your mobile banking app

-Select deposits

-Snap a photo of the front of the check using your smart phone

-Snap a photo of the back of the check

-Type in the deposit amount

-Hit done

In a few minutes you get an email saying your deposit was received and you get a date when you can destroy the check.

No more waiting in line at the bank to make a deposit.

No more mailing out the check and having to wait days while it gets through the mail. Simply snap, snap and your deposit goes safely to your account!!!

I Need New Pots And Pans

March 17, 2015 by Lulu in Finances with 0 Comments

I need new pots and pans but I really don’t want to go shopping for them.  When I moved here for school two years ago I bought a really cheap set of pots and pans because that was all I could afford.

I usually take very good care of my things and they last me a long time…BUT my first room mate used my things when I was not at home and ended up using some of my pans. The bad thing is she used metal utensils on my pots and pans and scraped some of the lining.  She also melted some of my plastic spatulas but that is a different story.

In any case, the lining of my non-stick pans has slowly been flaking off and I know it is dangerous to have those flecks in my food.  I will need to replace at least three items but I dread the thought of having to spend more money now because I thought they would last my entire school career.

My plan is to look for what I want in the store…..but to order it online so I can get the points from Swagbucks as well as getting the cash back from my credit card.

Friday Finances: March 2015 Week 2

March 13, 2015 by Lulu in Finances with 0 Comments

Every Friday I post about my finances for the week in an effort to monitor my income and expenses. I used to post all of the actual figures but I have recently decided to stop doing this.

I will now post SOME of my actual expenses and leave the rest to your imagination. All income and expenses are recorded in Mint and any amounts are rolled over into the next month.

This week my expenses were:

$5.39 for lunch after a midterm. I had already planned in advance that I would buy lunch on that  day because I had been very stressed out over that exam. This was part of the budgeted ‘eating out’ money for the month and I am still under the food budget.

I also spent about $32 to fill up my tank. I can’t find the receipt and I am too lazy right now to look it up on Mint.

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