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Get Your Bassbuds This Black Friday

November 19, 2014 by Lulu in Daily Links with 0 Comments

So I got Bassbuds earbuds in the past and have been using them constantly in the office because I love them. They are truly a great pair of earbuds and they look good as well.

So what are Bassbuds?

Well they are a fusion of style and technology so you get great sound in a stylish in-ear audio technology system. They also come equipped with a Swarovski cut element in each earbud so you look super stylish while you enjoy your music.

8 2 Get Your Bassbuds This Black Friday

I got the white ones and I cannot seem to get a great photo of the bling but here is what they look like.

BassBuds and BassBoomz make the perfect gift for music lovers, each individually packaged in a luxury gift box.

BassBuds ­ USD 85

BassBoomz ­USD 130

You can cash in on these awesome prices from Friday 28th November ­ Monday 1st December 2014.

Yes they are a little on the pricey side but they really do make an excellent gift and are perfect as a gift for this holiday season.

You can also get them in the classic collection which are one solid color and only have a clear element.

7 Get Your Bassbuds This Black Friday

I think they are perfect for work or school and maybe the bling makes them a little more appropriate for ladies…but guys can cash in on the black or silver ones which do not look so much like jewelry.

I Need To Go To Starbucks

November 5, 2014 by Lulu in Daily life with 0 Comments

I need to go to Starbucks and not just because I am under the influence of the latte effect. I need to go to Starbucks and not because I suddenly won the lottery.

I need to go because I won some gift cards a few months ago and I have not been using them. I love coffee and while I do not want to spend my own money on the very expensive coffee at Starbucks I can certainly spend the gift cards that I won.

Cordelia Foo Image for Coffee 300x212 I Need To Go To Starbucks

I feel like I need some coffee especially at this time since it has been getting really cold lately and I am also not sleeping as well with the demands of work and school. I do not want to let that  money go to waste because it was free to me and it would be a shame.

I think one of the biggest issues is simply finding the time to go to Starbucks to actually use the card. There is a Starbucks on campus in the food court, but they do not accept the gift cards so I have to go to a stand alone store to use it. There is a Starbucks a few blocks away from campus but it is on the opposite side of the road on my way to campus. It is on the right side when I am heading home, but at that time I am not thinking about anything but getting home.

I will try to make some time this week to get a couple of ‘free’ cups of coffee so I can use up those gift cards and get something that I really enjoy at the same time!

November Finances: Week 1

November 2, 2014 by Lulu in Finances with 0 Comments

I normally post my financial status on Fridays but since I forgot last Friday..and this is the beginning of a new month I thought it fitting to get it in now.

This week my expenses were:

$259.04 for my second to last tuition payment for the fall semester. I have one more payment to go because there was a glitch with the system and we were all forced to go on a payment plan while our waivers were applied. The good thing is the $25 installment plan was waived for my department because of the glitch so I got to spread out my payments without being charged extra for that privilege.

$31.74 on new wiper blades for the car. My old wiper blades were shredded on one side and did a horrible job of keeping the glass clean. I guess the last set lasted a little over a year, but with winter coming I needed to replace those old ones.


Got Another Credit Card

October 29, 2014 by Lulu in Credit Cards with 0 Comments

I just got another credit card!!!! I did not ‘need’ a new card but I got the Amazon credit card because I shop so much at Amazon.

I get gift cards from Swagbucks that I can use on Amazon so I have been doing a lot of shopping there. I kept seeing the Amazon credit card but ignored it because I earn cash back from using my other credit cards. Then I figured out I could earn 3% cash back by using the Amazon card…which is more than the 2% that I normally get from my regular cards.

I will try it out for a few purchases to see what happens and if the rewards are worth it then I will use the Amazon card for all of my Amazon purchases when I do not have gift card balances that can be used.

Otherwise, I will just keep using my regular cash back credit cards!!

I Need Some New Food Ideas

October 19, 2014 by Lulu in Save Money with 0 Comments

I am currently stuck in a food rut. I keep saying that I want to add some new foods to my rotation but I go to the store and end up buying the same things out of habit. Well I end up putting the same things on my shopping list out of habit..and then I buy strictly from my shopping list.

I am bored with the food that I eat now…really, really, bored.

I want to try some new things but I have no idea where to start. Every recipe seems to have a ton of things that I don’t shop for on a regular basis and I feel like I will spend too much and wreck my budget, then end up with items I will never use again.

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