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How I Save Money At CVS: 13 June 2010

June 16, 2010 by Lulu in Save Money with 5 Comments

Today I paid $0.00 out of pocket for $16.98 worth of items. I actually got more body wash and toothpaste which I am giving to imy best friend since I have enough of those items in my bathroom right now.

I ended up getting a bonus set of extra bucks due to a glitch in the system but I am not complaining. The ad in the paper said there was a limit of one on the body wash, meaning you could only get one set of extra bucks…but I had a buy one get one free (BOGO) coupon for the body wash so I got two…and the ECBs printed as double the amount.

Transaction 1

Item: Old Spice body wash

Price: $4.00

CVS Extra Care Bucks earned: $4.00 making this item FREE

Item: Old spice body wash (number 2)

Price: $0.00 (got this one free for buying the first one)

CVS Extra Care Bucks earned: $4.00

Total coupons used: BOGO on old spice, value $4.00

Item: Colgate pro clinical toothpaste

Price: $3.99

CVS Extra Care Bucks earned: $2.00

Item: Cover Girl Amazemint lip gloss (this is my FAVORITE and I carry them everywhere)

Price: $4.99

CVS Extra Care Bucks earned: $3.00 + $1.oo for scanning my reusable bag

Total coupons used: $1.00 off toothpaste (so I effectively got the toothpaste for 99 cents)

Total paid today: $1.10 , on gift card.

Total CVS Extra Care Bucks earned today: $14.00

Total out of pocket to date: $0.00

Gift Card balance : $16.94

Total CVS Extra Care Bucks earned to date: $91.47

CVS Extra Care Bucks Used to date: $77.47

CVS Extra Care Bucks Balance: $14.00

Abbreviations used

MFR = manufacturer coupon

ECB = extra care bucks

Join me next time as I look for more ways to save money as I visit CVS.

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  1. Credit GirlJune 16, 2010 at 11:35 amReply

    I’ve never tried the covergirl amazement lipgloss but it’s definitely one of the more affordable lipglosses.

  2. textbook rentalsJune 17, 2010 at 10:10 amReply

    Thats great. I have never tried that lipgloss either. I was wondering about the new clinical toothpaste, so what do you think of it?

    • LuLuGalJune 17, 2010 at 6:30 pmReplyAuthor

      I have not really noticed much difference between that toothpaste and other brands I have used so far. I normally use strengthening toothpastes like Sensodyne or Arm and Hammer so this has not made a difference so far.

  3. Ev YemekleriJune 19, 2010 at 6:02 pmReply

    I usually go to the register twice at CVS. I buy some of the stuff go to register, pay and earn some ECB. Then continue my shopping and use the ECB for those. It may sound stupid, but i feel like i am saving more :)

  4. Laptop BriefcaseJune 21, 2010 at 1:29 pmReply

    Good strategy Ev. There’s no reason you have to wait till another day to use the ECB. I would just make a point of going to a different cashier.

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