Christmas Shopping Is Done

I managed to start and finish my Christmas shopping in one day…because I only had ONE person to buy a gift for. In a way I guess that says a lot about me but this year I am only giving one person a gift because that is just the way I feel.

I got the gift that I had been thinking about for long while and decided that it is the perfect gift this year..but since that person reads this blog I cannot say what it is.

So shhhhh and let the surprise last until the gift arrives.

Author: Lulu

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  1. Well considering you have been thinking about buying that gift for a long time that person will be very lucky I am sure!

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  2. If only I could do that same.. Im spending a lot for gifts this year. Not that I mind but it’s, errr, hurting my wallet… LOL

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  3. Hope the person you have bought the gift for enjoys it very much. It’s always fun shopping gifts for good people in our life so we can give something back.

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