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Practical Tips to Save on Household Expenses (Guest Post)

These days, it’s getting more and more expensive to run a household due to the rising cost of goods and utilities. You can also add to that the current troubled state of the economy. This makes it crucial for all of us that we learn some practical tips to save on our household expenses. You need not go to the extent of eating canned goods and ramen every day, though....

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I Love Shopping At Ross!

I love shopping at Ross and I think I will go there more often. I normally shop at JC Penney for clothing because I just really love their stuff. I get my household items like bedding and bathroom items from Walmart because they have a good...

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Complaining (Nicely) Saved Me Money

I recently had an issue where complaining but in a nice way actually saved me some money. I buy the majority of my items online so that I can make use of the shopping portals to get extra cash back. I recently bought an item and was unsatisfied...

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Trying To Save On My Electric Bill

Now that I have to pay the full electric bill on my own I am really looking for ways to save on my electric bill. In the past, there was a cap on the amount of the bill that we had to pay. This is because the apartment paid $30 per resident towards...

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How I Pay My Bills

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back