How To Survive On Your Own: A Guide For Those That Just Moved Out Of Their Parent’s House (Guest Post)

As the nice and concise title suggests these are tips that may help you without your parent’s help. I’ve lived on my own for a short while now and have hit many rough patches, and because of that I’ve learned a lot and want to share my knowledge. Cable: If you’re the type of person who doesn’t have time for TV since they’re either working or going to school, then might I recommend you not getting cable and just stick with internet....

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Life After Cable

I cut my cable at the beginning of March to see if I could really feel comfortable without it. I have been using Hulu, Netflix and Ted to watch the shows I normally watch and I must say that it is not as hard as I thought it would be. The only things I have not been able to see are the dating reality shows that play on VH1 and those were really silly anyway (for the Love of Ray J anyone?). I have found that watching...

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