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Practical Tips to Save on Household Expenses (Guest Post)

These days, it’s getting more and more expensive to run a household due to the rising cost of goods and utilities. You can also add to that the current troubled state of the economy. This makes it crucial for all of us that we learn some practical tips to save on our household expenses. You need not go to the extent of eating canned goods and ramen every day, though....

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When You Don’t Buy New (Guest Post)

If there is any one thing you could ever learn from budget and finance advice, it would be to never spend on a whim. This is one of the biggest mentalities that took me years to get down, especially when it came to the technology areas. I could be in Best Buy or some other tech store specifically to get an AV cable I need for my TV because a rat chewed through it and I’ll...

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Software That Saves Printer Ink (Guest Post)

How many times have you attempted to finish a print job on your printer only to have it tell you that the ink needs replacing? It’s frustrating, and all too common an occurrence. As much outrage as the cost of ink creates you would think someone would find a way to help us conserve it. Well, maybe your prayers have been answered, or perhaps you’ve just been living right. But...

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Should You Even Consider Using A Debt Relief Company To Help You Get Out Of Debt? (Guest Post)

If you listen to the ads on TV, getting out of debt is easy. All you need to do is make one phone call and immediately get rid of 40-60% of your debt. Of course, getting out of debt is not really that easy. Sure, there are ways to eliminate large chunks of debt. In fact, debt settlement (in which you negotiate with your creditors to pay your debt off for less than you owe,...

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How I Pay My Bills

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