I have been trying to use only one credit card for a whole month so that I can maximize my rewards from that card. I have also been failing at that goal because I simply cannot stick to one card.

I keep one main card in my wallet and another of a different type as a backup. I only use the main card when shopping in stores so that I can rack up all the points on that one card. The issue comes up because I have other cards set up as the main card for online shopping or tuition payments, and some months they do not match the main shopping card.

So if I have an online transaction then it may not be for the current month’s card and I sometimes forget, or am just too lazy, to change the online card.

This is actually not a big issue for me but I am really going to try this month to use only one credit card for the whole month and see what happens.

Do you use just one card or do you switch them around?