How I Save Money At CVS: November 16

Welcome to How I Save Money.

I am on a quest to see how much stuff I can get from CVS without spending any extra money out of my pocket. I did not do a good job of saving money today as I forgot my ECBs at home and decided to get some items as a gift. Today I paid $13.13 for $18.30 worth of items.

Transaction 1

Item:4 Glade candles at $2.50 each

Price: $10.00

CVS Extra Care Bucks earned: $5.00

Coupon used: $3.00 MFR

Item: Crest toothpaste

Price: $3.49

CVS Extra Care Bucks earned: $3.49 (this would have been FREE if I had brought my ECBs)

Coupon used: $0

Item: Oral B flossers

Price: $3.99

CVS Extra Care Bucks earned: $2.00

Coupon used: $1.00 MFR

Amount Due today (paid with gift card): $1.17

Total out of pocket today: $13.13

Total CVS Extra Care Bucks earned today: $10.49

Total out of pocket to date: $152.27

Gift Card balance : $0

Total CVS Extra Care Bucks earned to date: $376.71

CVS Extra Care Bucks Used to date: $350.23

CVS Extra Care Bucks Balance: $26.48

Abbreviations used

MFR = manufacturer coupon

ECB = extra care bucks

Join me next time as I look for more ways to save money as I visit CVS.

Author: Lulu

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  1. I’m a little frustrated with the CVS thing. I live in Manhattan, which means we get a 4-page weekly circular when the rest of the country gets a 24-page one! No Crest toothpaste deal, no Glade deal, no $15.99 ECB moisturizer deal…I’m supposed to be going to NJ on Saturday, but I’m not hopeful that there will be anything left on the shelves. I had such a great little strategy lined up too…would have cost me $4 out of pocket for $47 (sale prices) worth of candles, toothpaste, deodorant & chocolate, and I’d have left with $23 in new ECBs. Grr.

    MoneyMateKate’s last blog post..A Dollop of Consumer Guilt

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  2. I am sorry about that MMK.
    My CVS has been out of the good stuff a lot too which totally changes my plan when I go there. I live in a small town that only has one CVS, unlike my SO who has two in a 5 mile radius of his place.

    Hopefully you will get the Glade stuff when you go…….they had tons on the shelves at the two CVS stores that I saw.

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  3. The last time I went crazy at CVS was last year when they had the lotion and battery deal.

    I went CRAZY!!!!!

    Sure wish they would bring that deal back again. LOL

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