I Did Not Buy Myself Anything For Christmas

I just realized that I did not buy myself a Christmas gift and that was because there was really nothing that I wanted or craved this year. Well I do want one thing but that is not something that can be bought. I have been extremely blessed lately to not ‘want’ anything and not be able to have it.

Even when I really wanted to get the lobsters and failed the first time I was able to get them a week later and I really enjoyed my lobster lunch that weekend.

I was stressed out and I treated myself to a massage recently so that was another thing that I was able to cross off the wish list. I have a comfortable amount in my Splurge Fund where I can treat myself to things that I want because that money has already been accounted for out of the budget.

I guess apart from that there is nothing that I really wanted so I guess that means that I am happy for now.

Author: Lulu

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  1. I know what you mean. I also don’t want anything this Christmas that is intangible and can’t be bought with money.

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  2. yup , theres no need to spend on something you dont need . usually in india we buy new dresses during festivals , but this year i ddnt . just had enough new dresses , i ddnt need new ones just for the festival

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  3. That is a satisfying feeling when you feel like you don’t need extra things. Many people are always after the latest gadget or other things that they don’t necessarily need. If you do happen to have a little extra money in your splurge fund, maybe consider making a charitable donation to a worthy cause. For some people, that giving feels even better than any gift they can receive.

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  4. spending Christmas with my family would be a wonderful gift… no need for presents.. but it would be good if i’d receive any.. lol

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  5. I didn’t buy anything for Christmas also… and I don’t think I will receive any presents too! Haha… oh, it’s good that you have a comfortable amount in your Splurge Fund. Looks like I must setup up such a fund too!

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