So my poor sweet kitty is now in cat heaven where he is no longer in pain. I found out on Tuesday that he had cancer and I was going to have him put down three days later on Friday. From Tuesday night he began to get progressively worse and by Wednesday he was so bad that I called to see if I could get the euthanasia pushed up.

They finally had a cancellation on Thursday afternoon, so my precious pet was put to sleep two days after I saw the xrays.

Dinero in Window

I remember the day when readers voted to name him and I feel that my time with him was so short but very sweet.

He loved to sleep in my bed when I was not around….

2010-03-02 16.06.48

..and would act all surprised when I caught him nestled in the comforter.

He loved napping in the sunshine and looking out the door at birds in the balcony.


He was a very sweet and loving cat and enjoyed snuggling. We had a great 5 years together!

I will miss him dearly but I am just happy that he is no longer suffering.

Rest in peace sweet Dinero. 6/12/2014