Coworker got LASIK

I got LASIK last year and I was talking to a coworker about it. Well she wanted to do it and was energized by my experiences and she decided to get it too. I guess the doctor should give me a finder’s fee for getting him a new client.

She had her surgery done a week ago and she is already happy with the results. Her eyes were -2.75 which is not as bad as mine were at -7.50 but she felt like she was blind without her contacts.

Two other people have been talking about it with me and they say that although they are interested they either:

  • Cannot afford it or
  • Are too scared

I told them to research it and be sure they are willing to deal with all the side effects, including blindness that could possibly occur.

Have your experiences influenced someone to take a big step?

Author: Lulu

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  1. Blindness??! And, insurnance doesn’t cover it??! No, thanks. Maybe when it gets a little safer it will lead people to take the LASIK plunge.


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  2. Well Blindness is one of the possible side effects since they are cutting away part of your eye.

    I think insurance does not cover it because it is still considered an elective surgery.
    Maybe only pilots and other people who MUST have great eyesight can get it covered under their insurance.

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  3. -7.5 is severe! That’s great you did it! Mine is -4.25 or something right now, and has stabilized. I should really do it.

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    • Yes that is why I finally decided to have a go at it. I could not see anything without contacts or glasses and was just frustrated all the time.

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