*’Frugal’ Tips That I Will NOT Try: Make Your Own Soap .

This blog is mainly about how I find ways to save money and I have tried a LOT of different things in the past. I read other blogs to look for tips on things I can do to reduce my expenses so that I can work on reducing debt and building wealth.

I have found a few frugal tips out that have been great and there also a few that really freak me out!!!! I decided to start a little series of Frugal Tips That I will NOT try so you can get a better idea of some of the things I think are too extreme.

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One of the tips that I will not follow is to Make Your Own Soap. I have seen some bloggers, mostly stay at home types with lots of kids, rave about the satisfaction they get from making their own soap. They talk about how easy it is and how cheap it works out in the end but I have decided that is NOT for me.

I have no problem going to the store and buying some dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent because I really feel that we should put our efforts where we determine them to be the best use of our time. I do not enjoy making things so it would give me no joy at all to go buy borax or baking soda and essential oils and whatever else it takes to make my own soap.

There are companies who have been making soap for years and I think they have a pretty good idea of what they are doing. I might end up making something that looks like this first image and as I have already mentioned how much I love scented body washes and pretty lotions, this is one area that I do not want to mess with.

So I will let the soap makers do what they do best and I will try to find another way to save money….maybe by using less soap since the recommended amounts are generally more than what you really need to get things clean.

Author: Lulu

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  1. There are certainly many companies who know better how to make a soap but it’s good to make something like this by your own, you could do it just for hobby.

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  2. I definitely couldn’t see myself doing this either. I could see it being a good idea for some people. A family on a tight budget might save a decent amount of money each year if they go through a lot of soap. As mentioned you do have to take the time factor into consideration. I know personally I wouldn’t be able to justify sacrificing time away from my own business.

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  3. Making soap makes me think of the movie Fight Club with Brad Pitt. I am definitely not making my own. You can find the little cheap soaps at the dollar store. The ones with string on them so they don’t slip out of your hands. : )

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  4. That reminds me of the movie “Fight Club” where the guy made his own soap.

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