Some Of The Fun Things I Would Like To Do This Summer

This year I will have most of the summer free because I have no courses due. I have taken all of the teacher training that I can for the year as well so apart from looking for a new job I really don’t have anything to do.

I have not taken a vacation in a long while and I have a bunch of money in the Splurge Fund so I have made a list of things that I would like to do this summer:
-Go to a water park
-Color and cut my hair professionally (hey my birthday is in the middle of summer)
-Houston carnival
-Go to Six Flags
-Go to Vegas
-Miami carnival
-Visit friends in New York

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Obviously I would not be able to tackle ALL of those dreams with the money in the Splurge Fund so I need to pick one or two based on a number of considerations.

I have already been to a water park and Six Flags in the past so I might put that off although it will be easy to get people to go those events with me. I have a friend who cuts very well and I have been coloring my own hair so I am sure I can use those two options to get my hair done and even if I pay my friend it will still be cheaper than paying a stylist.

I have been thinking about going to Houston carnival for a long time and some friends have been planning the trip so I guess that will be my one big splurge for the summer. I have always been working, taking classes, in workshops or some combination of those things when that time came around so I was not able to go in the past.

I will also have to think about which items I want to make a priority because I will be using money from the Splurge Fund but I do not want to totally deplete that fund because I know I will have more things to do before the year ends.

Author: Lulu

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  1. Either of the carnivals sounds nice. Then New York because it’s different friends than the ones you usually see. Then Vegas last because it’s Vegas and you can always go there. Besides, Vegas is super hot in the summer!

    Have fun and let us know whatever you decide!!

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    • Vegas might be a little bit too expensive on its own right now with the limited funds in the Splurge fund. I have about $500 in there and I plan on using it all but trying to get the most uses out of it!!!!

      I guess I can do Vegas next year!

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  2. I can’t imagine having a week with not much to do, let alone most of the summer. You should certainly live it up! Without breaking the bank of course. Honestly, nowadays I would be happy with an entire day to lay around and read a book or just simply be lazy, both of which are pretty cheap.

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    • Well every year I have been busy with workshops and training…but I took all the courses I could earlier this year and don’t have classes or workshops for the summer. I guess that is a good thing so I can focus on a job search!

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  3. Yes I really miss having a whole summer off too. That sounds so nice and relaxing. I’m sure you’ll keep yourself busy though. Have you considered trying to expand your online biz to get more money coming in? With some marketing, you could probably make more money from this blog. Or you could start entirely new websites that regularly bring in extra money each month. Whatever you choose to do, enjoy your summer Lulu.

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  4. I hope that you’re able to knock-off at least a few of these goals Lulu! As I’m self-employed, I try and set aside a good amount of time to enjoy the summer as well. I usually plan a trip somewhere every year, but the fuel prices have driven airfare up so high this summer that I’m thinking I may have to stay local for a change.

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  5. There are lots of free events all over if you look around on the internet under free events and similarly words. Check out what’s happening in local government, culture, sports, clubs, concerts, etc. Hope you get a good and cheap summer

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  6. Oh that’s really nice. Get some time off and enjoy yourself! I hope I can do that too later this year!

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  7. I must confess I’m a little biased toward the water park considering how much fun we had at Busch Gardens and Adventure Island in Tampa. Consider the water park for sure…

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    • It has been years since I have gone to a water park and I think I am over the fast rides and the terrifying heights of Six Flags so the water park has just jumped a few notches up on the list.

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