Save money on your electricty bill by using solar lamps

I was just thinking about solar lamps and how they could potentially save even more money than those compact fluorescent lights. Think about it. You buy the solar lamp and place it in the sun to charge the rechargeable battery during the day. Then at night the lamp give you light until the sun comes up again. The rechargeable battery only needs to be replaced every so often and the cost of that is not even remotely close to what you would pay in electricity.

I bought a few of those lamps a couple of years ago when I worked in retail and sent them off to my mom. Of course this was waaaaaaaaaaaay before I was thinking of all the different ways I could save money. As a result I did not keep any of the lamps for myself but I was just thinking that I should have done so.

The drawback to having one of those lamps would be that it would always stay on during the night unless I covered up the little sensor. I am not worried about that so much because I actually like the idea of the night light on sometimes but do not want to pay for having electricity all night.

I think this would also work well for me as a reading lamp at night and that would save me having to get up to turn off the lights….because Honey wrecked the reading lamp I had. I have not seen those lamps around for some time now and I would really like to get one that I can use. My solar lamp would help me to save money because I could use it in every room since it is portable. I would not need to use the bathroom light or the kitchen light and my lamp would recharge during the day while I am at school and be ready for use all night.

Author: Lulu

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  1. Will, there are some at Walmart ($14.99 for 4) that are easy to install, just push the parts together and do a half turn. You can put them out during the day and bring them in at night. Hey you get some exercise from doing that as well as cheap light….so you win twice! I have one out on the balcony now because I open the blinds every morning and then when I close the blinds at night I will bring it in. The lights are not heavy or bulky.

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  2. Great idea! I need to check those out. Let me check out Walmart and see how they work out. Thanks!

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  3. Great idea. If all the people will think like you, every country will develop. Keep it up! I appreciate your efforts. I think, I should also look forward like you.

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