Saving Money By NOT Doing Things I Don’t Like

I’m saving money by not doing things I don’t want to do. Recently some friends asked if I wanted to see a certain movie. I opted to not watch it and saved some money.

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What I saved

I did not just save money from not watching the movie. I also saved on


-food during the showing

-my sanity

The movie was a genre that I really did not like. One girl from the group also hates that genre. She opted to go and then has been complaining about it constantly. By not going, I did not have to regret the movie for the next few days.

The theater was at one of those places where they serve food. By not going, I avoided paying the overpriced charge for the food.

I did not have to drive to the place, so I saved on the gas cost. If I was really into the movie then this would not be an issue for me.

What I lost

Now what did I lose out on by not going? I may have lost a little goodwill by not hanging out with my friends. This is to be expected since people don’t appreciate being turned down.

I made up for it a little bit by hanging out with those same friends. We did something we all enjoyed but did not spend any money.

Author: Lulu

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