Saving More Money At Work…Silly Coworkers

I recently wrote about how Saving Money At Work Makes My Coworkers Mad and I just had another round with some of them. We had a teacher workday last week and the principal announced that we would be having one hour for lunch.

This was a big deal to everyone because teachers (at least all that I know of) only get 30 minutes for lunch. I decided that it would be a normal day for me and I brought my little blue lunch bag in to work like I do every day.

There was no discussion of anyone buying lunch or doing anything different so I thought that the day would be just like every other day.

Well on the day I guess everyone decided to go and get lunch together and two people looked at me and my lunch bag. They both asked if I had brought my lunch, to which I replied yes. They then asked if I was going to go to lunch with them………


I just said that I already brought my lunch but I will still answer that question. Um no, I will not be going to lunch because I brought my lunch *see the lunch bag?*

One lady said that I could still come along if I wanted to. I politely refused and said that it was ok. Wow! Just because we get an extra 30 minutes I am  supposed to just throw my frugality to the wind and go out to lunch (at some place I probably don’t even like…like that stupid restaurant where the cashier overcharged my card for the tip ….which I later had to fight to get fixed).

No thank you. I enjoyed my tuna sandwich and cranberry juice and granola bar and I did not waste gas (yeah, they ALL took their OWN CARS even though they were all going to the same place!).

Author: Lulu

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  1. I agree that people have to be careful about how much money they spend at work. There are always lunches, birthdays, and retirement parties that always cost money. However, I do want to caution people about the need to interact and participate in these events. You have to budget these things into your budget to get ahead in the work place. Developing social relationships with your colleagues is one of the best ways to ensure that you keep your job and/or get promoted.

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  2. I do understand the need to socialize at work…but they also need to realize that people cannot afford this all the time.

    We have a monthly birthday lunch event because we have a staff of twelve and almost everyone is born in a different month. We all have to bring something for that…plus there are other random events that we have to ‘celebrate’. This is averaging two to three ‘celebratory lunches’ per month…plus this? Oh no!

    And the thing that REALLY kills me is that they KNOW I am struggling with the medical bills and I am living off a single income.

    ALL of my coworkers are in a two income home and they all make WAY more than I do.

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  3. That’s hilarious that none of them carpooled. Sheesh.

    When I worked in a corporate environment, I always brought my lunch and a book. I’d get in 45 minutes to an hour of reading every day. I used to plow through books that way.

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  4. I agree. Not only is brown(blue) bagging it much cheaper, but it is also much healthier. You can determine what and how much you want to pack and know what groceries can last you throughout the week.


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  5. I encountered a similar situation at work, where it became a routine that eating out twice a week was kind of a norm. Will you rather be seen as a non-social person(meaning not a good team player) or go with the flow?

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  6. I had a similar experience. In 2001 I was teaching at a local high school. One day (just like all the others) I brought in my sack lunch and sat down in the teacher’s lounge. They asked if I was going to “taco tuesday” as a local bar. I replied that I was sorry, but that I had packed my lunch and would be staying in the lounge. They asked why I packed all the time and so I went over all the financial goals my wife and I had and explained that saving money on a day to day basis by doing things like packing my lunch was helping us reach those goals. One of them responded with, “Oh, so you’re one of the people hurting our economy.” Great… and that person could be teaching one of your kids!

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  7. @ Current Accounts
    I already take part in the monthly birthday lunches thing. Quite honestly if they want to see me as antisocial for not going to restaurants as well then that is really their problem.

    I am not there to be everyone’s best friend. I am there to make money to pay my bills. I think that socializing at the monthly thing is enough.

    Plus, I don’t eat the same things they eat (red meat, alcohol) so it makes it REALLY uncomfortable for me to eat with them in any case.

    @ Travis
    So the person said that YOU were hurting the economy? Wow? How did they come to that conclusion. You bought your food at the grocery store…so you still spent money.

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  8. Thanks for that LuLuGal. I totally agree with you but you see,when you stop all of a sudden, people start reading meaning into it. Moreever, I’ve given myself till the beginning of next month – the financial crisis hit everyone and if they can’t understand that then I’ll be losing friend. had enough of pleasing people. Thanks .

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  9. @Lulu

    It is true that I was spending and am still spending less at stores and businesses because my wife and I are paying down car and house debt and shop infrequently for items like clothes, entertainment etc. However, look at the situation our country is in now because of people who can’t pay on their debt! In the end unwise financial “stewardship”, if you will, will catch up to the borrower and the rest of the country for that matter. We need to stabilize our own personal financial situations to strengthen the rest of the country’s as well. I feel patriotic when I make sacrifices to be frugal.

    Thanks for asking.

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  10. @ current accounts, your true friends will not and should not have a problem with you not joining them for extravagant outings.Know who you call “a friend”

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  11. To be frank I think a lot of people fall victim to coworker peer pressure and spend money at work to fit in.

    Bringing your lunch is way cool and will help your bank account in the end.

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  12. I still think it’s nice that they wanted to include you, though. Is it possible they just thought you hadn’t been informed and wanted to make sure you knew that you were invited?

    Jennifer @ Money Saver 101’s last blog post..Free Books Everyday!

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