Surgery: Three days Later

Hey folks!

I am back up now after the surgery. I had the surgery on tuesday but I was REALLY out of it. I am in a LOT of pain now (even with the painkillers they gave me) but at least I have stopped throwing up.

The surgery went well and I have a follow up exam on Monday. I have been really tired and weak so this is about all the posting for now.

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped…you all know what you did.

Thanks for the prayers, well wishes and other help.

Thanks for consistently coming back to the blog even when you guys and gals knew I was out.

I am on strict bed rest and only get out of bed..for the necessary. Much love and I am just working on my recovery right now.

Author: Lulu

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  1. Glad to see you are back LuLuGal. I have been keeping you in our daily prayers. Do get you rest.

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  2. Hi! Just wanted to send you well wishes…as a recent post op myself, I can relate to that after surgery pain and fatigue. Take good care!!

    Jenny in Maine

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  3. @ MMJ:
    Thank you for the prayers. I have been praying a lot more myself since I have been going through this.

    @ Jenny:
    Thanks for dropping by. All I can think of now is the pain will go away some time…so I have to look forward to that. Plus the doctors gave me some strong stuff. 🙂

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