Update On Poopy Cloth Patrol

So I recently wrote a post about Reusable Toilet Wipes that drew some interesting comments (and emails!!!!).

Just for the record I do agree that using a moist wipe helps with hygiene and does feel better.

In fact I use baby wipes as well AFTER using regular old toilet paper (too much information?) because I feel cleaner that way.

I am not against having that moist wipe usage after using the toilet…I just did not like the idea of using only moist wipes and then having a load of that stuff to wash.

toiletwipes15-500I am sure that they get clean if washed correctly (bleach and hot water) just like regular cloth baby diapers do…..I just don’t want to deal with that myself.

While they do help you to save on money from not buying toilet paper you do have to think about the washing costs.

I would need to have mine washed in hot water with lots of bleach and as a separate load to feel comfortable.

If you are interested in getting some reusable toilet wipes you can go to the site called WallyPop that sells Resuable Family Toilet Wipes.

Author: Lulu

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  1. For the record, I do not recommend using bleach. Bleach is very hard on fibers, and should never be used on diapers in particular. Hot water is sufficient to get things clean. And personally I do not recommend using reusable wipes on adults who are ill.

    Each person would have to figure out for themselves if the washing costs are more than the cost of TP. If you have babies in cloth diapers, it’s a no-brainer.

    For a geek-tastic breakdown of laundry costs at my house, you can go here: http://diapering.wallypop.net/infocostcomparison.html

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  2. It’s definitely an interesting topic, and everyone has to make the decision for themselves. Personally, I would rather flush it all down the toilet. I’m all about reusing things as much as possible and reducing waste, but I couldn’t do this.

    Using hot water in the washing machine actually increases energy costs by 80-85%. You have to do a cost comparison to decide if the cost for toilet paper is less or more, and if that’s worth it to you.

    But I do agree with Sarah. If you’re cloth diapering, then it’s definitely a no brainer, especially on the baby.

    Jennifer @ Money Saver 101’s last blog post..5 Items you can Re-use to help Save Money & Protect the Environment

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    • It is interesting Jennifer that your last post was on things you can reuse to save money. I guess cloth wipes are not on the list. 🙂

      It really is a very personal choice and it seems that the Wally Pop people have a good following. I was just curious to see what my readers think.

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  3. No, don’t use bleach! We don’t use that on our baby’s diapers, or the wipes we use to clean her. Just normal washing powder.

    Actually, what we do is put her nappies and things in on a pre wash, which effectively rinses them. Then add in the rest of the washing. No need to do a boil wash or anything!

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  4. Can you please send me the link to an article you wrote about saving money,that had to do with television/cutting down bills by watching telly on the computer. I have done a search but can’t seem to find it.

    Thanks Lulu, Are you back from holidays?

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  5. Even though I think its a cool idea, I just would struggle with the idea of knowing that I’ve already used the cloth even though I washed it. I can see many people trying this tip though.

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