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Mother is BACK in the hospital again. We went in for her to get a CT scan of her abdomen so they could check on the progress the chemotherapy is making when the doctor discovered a blood clot in her lung.

We were having lunch when they called and told us to come back to the hospital immediately so they they could admit her and get the blood thinners started. She is also having another CT scan to confirm that there are no more clots because the first scan only got the bottom of her lung. It was actually an error becuase they were supposed to stop on her stomach….but the tech went just a little bit too far.

Good News: The error doscovered the clot so now something can be done.

Bad News: The scan costs $4090 (yes I asked) so at two for the day we are over $8k in more bills. I am thinking they will do another one before releasing her to make sure the clot is gone.

Bills, bills, bills.