One Dime Richer

So I found a dime on the ground outside Walmart…..after weeks of not finding a penny.

I guess things are looking up since that person did not miss the dime.

Now I am one dime richer!!! This dime is going into the sandwich bag until it gets full enough for me to roll some change and take to the bank.

Thanks for the money!

Author: Lulu

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  1. I’m not writing this comment as an insult, but simply as something that I often recommend people do, even when they’re strapped for cash.

    Have you ever considered handing out the change you find to homeless folks on the street? They’re not as well off as we are, and they need it a whole lot more too. It’s not money you earned. Just money you found.

    What do you think about this?

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    • I have not seen any homeless folks around where I live…but I don’t drive around much. I do give money every week at church and buy lunch for some of my students every now and then.

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  2. My first thought when I read your post was, “I hope she washed it!” I’m a bit of a germaphobe so I wouldn’t pick up change on the street.

    As for Jennifer’s comment, I’d say if there are homeless people around where there’s money lying on the ground, the least they could do is pick it up themselves. I’m guessing that if you find change on the ground somewhere, it’s likely that there isn’t a homeless person nearby.

    Penelope @ Pecuniarities’s last blog post..Mandatory Sterilization Laws Would Increase Pet Abandonment and Animal Control (Taxpayer) Costs

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    • I have seen people sometimes outside of Walmart asking for money….and the pennies are lying right next to them on the ground when I walk by. I don’t carry cash so I can’t give them any…but when I leave the store the pennies are still there…so I pick them up.

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    • I didn’t mean homeless folks nearby. Just homeless folks you run into from time to time. There are always folks hanging out at this one traffic light. Whatever money I have on hand, which is never more than a few dollars, I give to them. Usually, it’s whatever change I have sitting in the cup holder. That’s all I meant.

      Jennifer @ Money Saver 101’s last blog post..Save Money in the Laundry Room

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  3. Almost 15-20 years back, when I was very much younger, I used to find things on the ground. Not limiting to dimes. Even dollar notes.
    I considered myself quite lucky since we were staying close to a mini-market and almost daily used the same route and found myself richer..But not any more, as we have shifted since and probably people are more careful about their cash these days..

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  4. I think there’s nothing wrong with picking up coins… I have found that when I give small coins to beggars here in SE Europe it sometimes leads them to curse at me for not giving more money. Kind of a turn-off. I am more inclined to buy food for a beggar than I am to give them cash, because the cash tends to go toward things that I do not support. I’d rather have some insurance that it’s helping the homeless in a real way that I feel good about…

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  5. I’ll admit, kind of a Scrooge-like comment here….
    ‘Well, I’m not going to use picked up coins to buy a
    bottle of cheap wine….’
    If you give it to benefit the less fortunate, give it to the local
    food bank, mission, or the Salvation Army. 🙂

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