Electric Orange Checking account…to open or not to open

I received an invitation from ING to open an Electric Orange checking account. You get interest on this checking account and it is a free bill pay service. I went over to the site and looked at the offer and I am still trying to decide if I want to open that account and use it or not.

While I think the interest is a great benefit I have just become so accustomed to using my Wells Fargo checking account. I would have to set up a whole new set of bill pay options to get the information to the people I need to pay using checks….like the loan at the other bank.

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Ok I have sat here for about 5 minutes thinking about it and I figure I don’t have anything to lose. The money I have in the Wells Fargo account is not getting any interest…..and even though I would be at the lowest level for interest giving my account balances right now, even 1% interest would be better than 0% right?

You can still sign up for the savings account by clicking on the link in this post or on the one in the right sidebar. I think that you still have to have the savings account first before you can get the invitation to get the checking account.

You don’t have anything to lose….and lots of interest to gain.

Author: Lulu

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  1. The only issue that I could think of would be liquidity. You want the money in your checking account to be very easily accessible.
    I know that if I need some money in a hurry I can go down to the bank branch on the corner and take out some cash.

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  2. Yes Jagular…I was thinking about that. I will still keep some money in the Wells Fargo account so I can get quarters to do laundry etc. But I will transfer the amounts for regular ‘check only bills’ into the Electric Orange account and get the interest for the few days before the bill actually goes out. That way I will get the best of both worlds.

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  3. If you need a referral that will get you $25 (and get me $10), let me know. Shoot me an email!

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