My HSA Is Now Closed

I finally got my HSA closed and I already miss it. I had this HSA from my last full time job and it was really a great item to have. It allowed me to save money pre-tax which I could then use for health reasons, which I had been having a lot of lately.

I was no longer able to contribute to that account because I no longer have a High Deductible Health Plan since I am now a full time student. I was able to continue using the money in the account as normal so that was a big relief every month when I needed to get my birth control pills refilled.

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I used up the last of the money last month and had to end up closing the account out. I just got the confirmation that the account is indeed closed so I can now shred the HSA debit card.

I will have to go back to using just my regular cash back credit card for all my medical purchases now as long as they are small amounts. If there is a really big number then I will use the Care Credit account which gives longer term benefits.

Author: Lulu

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  1. I have money in my HSA though I’m hoping to just leave it in there for awhile before tapping into it. Things switched at work and now I have to do stuff via an FSA.

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    • Well it is generally better to use the FSA funds before the HSA so hopefully it will work out for you. I know that in the past the FSA money would run out at the end of the year and if you did not use it then the plan absorbed it. Can you now roll unused amounts over?

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