I Am Really Ready To File My Taxes

Well I would like to file but I am still waiting on my statements. I know it is a bit early but last year at this time I had most of my statements, yet this year I do not have anything yet.

I hope it is not a case of more places deciding to have you log in to the system and print off your own statements because that is just annoying to me. I have no idea what my tax situation will be this year with the job loss but maybe with having a much lower income I will get a refund this year.

At the very least if I have to pay it should only be a really small amount since I did not have as much income as last year..but I won’t know until I get all those statements in my hands.

Author: Lulu

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  1. I’m with you. I changed jobs this year, to pursue a great opportunity in a field I love, but my income dropped. I also made a little less from writing, b/c I was super-busy. I’m hoping for an unplanned-for-at-this-time-last-year refund. Come on statements, get her already! Rock on -NCN

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    • Just got an email from ING saying the tax forms for Sharebuilder will be available on February 15th. Wow..that is a long time for me to wait…I guess they are not mailing me hard copies.

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