Taxes Are Completed And Filed

So I finally stopped taxcrastinating and filed my taxes. Taxcrastination is defined as procrastinating on getting your taxes done and I forgot which blog I saw it mentioned on but I loved the word. I will be getting a refund of $46 this year which is less than what I got last year but it is not a problem.

I do not mind that I am only getting a very small refund because it shows that I made a good choice with my deductions. I am not having too much or too little withheld and this very small refund means that I did not let the government hold on to my money too long. It also means that I do not have to pay anything so I am happy with that as well.

I normally file my taxes early in February when I have all the documents in hand because I have a good idea that I will be getting a refund and I want that money in my bank account. This year I still knew I was getting a refund but I have no idea why I took so long to actually file the taxes. I guess I have just been mentally worn out from a few recent events so I just was not thinking too clearly.

In any case I checked and my return was accepted by the IRS so I am just waiting on the next few days for my refund to be direct deposited to my ING account. I have not decided what I will do with that money as yet and I am looking at a few options:

* Sending it to the snowflake fund to pay towards the car debt
* Investing it in Lending Club
* Sending it to the splurge fund so I can have a good time (I do have a graduation to go to in May and will need to cover expenses such as food and gas)
* Transferring it to the Never Go Back To Fresno Fund and putting that towards my future.

Regardless of what I decided I hope to make a good decision but not deprive myself in any way. What are you doing with your tax refund?

Author: Lulu

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  1. I have heard this word ‘procrastinating’ and I believe that the blog you read has used that as the base word. I would say that getting a refund is really good and the amount really does not matter.

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  2. At least you got it done! I feel like I always have to save that money whenever I get any sort of refund because it’s just good to save. Not exactly helping the consumer economy with that mentality though.

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  3. Thanks for explaining to us what does the word Taxcrastination means. Maybe I can use this info I’ve got in your site in my Economics Subject. Take care for now Lulugal. God bless


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  4. I got a pretty decent refund this year. Actually it was pretty darn good. However it was because I had the lifetime learning credit for the last 4 classes to finish my degree.

    I expect to start getting lousy refunds again next year. But anything is better than owing!

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    • Good for you. I hope you put that money to good use but don’t get mad about the low refunds next year. It just means that you are getting more of your money every paycheck.

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  5. Thanks for the reminder that I need to stop procrastinating and finally get my taxes done. I only have a couple of weeks left, but the paperwork and organization is just so intimidating. In my case I’ll actually have to pay more money on taxes, which makes it even tough to get around to doing.

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    • I understand as I think I would wait until the last minute too if I had to pay.

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      • Well I finally got around to doing my taxes too. Luckily 2009 was a weak year for my side business. So this year I won’t have to suddenly pay thousands extra at tax time. I’ve never been so happy about having a lousy business year.

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