What’s in YOUR wallet?

What’s in your wallet right now? I am not asking just to be nosy and find out what you are lugging around.

I want to know if YOU know what is in your wallet right now.

Without looking.

And without guessing, hemming and hawing and changing your mind three or four times.

I can tell you exactly what is my wallet now (and the next day, and the day after that).

What is In My Wallet

ChaseFreedom1In my wallet I have my Chase credit card. This is the only credit card that I carry around because it has the cash back that I a m trying to build up so I can cash in.

I do not carry around any other cards because I do not want to deal with the hassle. It is much easier to put everything on this one card and then let the cash back build up than to try to juggle different rewards cards all the time.

In my wallet I also have my driver’s license. I carry this around for obvious reasons…like I do not want to get a ticket for not having it on the off chance that I should get stopped.

I have a copy of my car insurance. I get multiple cards for my insurance so I keep one in the glove compartment, one in my wallet and the rest in the insurance folder at home. I have no idea why I do this but I just do.

I also have a copy of my work ID. They messed up my first one and made me a new one so I just keep one in my wallet.

I also have my medical insurance card and the car insurance card that has the number to call for roadside assistance.

I know I have all of this stuff without looking into my wallet. This is the stuff I have carried around for years with the exception of the type of credit card (used to be Citi Visa) and the work ID (used to be college ID).

I do not normally carry cash and the most I would have in there is a single dollar bill. I do not want to deal with the feelings I know I would have if I lost cash since I would probably never see it again.

Can you name what is your wallet right now?

If you can’t, then what are you going to do to fix the problem?

Author: Lulu

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  1. License, library card, health insurance, 3 credit cards and a library card. I think there are a couple of receipts I need to balance in the register as well.

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  2. Hurry up and get those receipts out of there. Do you really need to have 3 credit cards in your wallet?

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  3. I agree that it’s important to know what’s there so that if you were to lose it you’d know what cards companies to call.

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  4. Yes PT. It also makes it easier for me not to have to deal with a bulky wallet.

    I also get my rewards build up faster like this because I just use one card for everything instead of using card one for gas, card two for groceries…..etc.

    I know I am potentially losing some rewards because one card may give 5% for gas while this one only gives 3% but then I am averaging my rewards out and I am happy to get something back.

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