Monthly Financial Update: April 2010

Once again I managed to come out in the black this month and it was to the tune of $317.05, despite being sidetracked by overspending at Walmart. I am sure that part of it was due to my reduced bills since I cut the cable as well but since I also sent a few snowflake payments here and there all the debits and credits have all run together.

I overspent on groceries by $143.02 and I really have no excuse for that. I do know that I lost my mind a little bit buying up different things to eat because I was bored with everything that was in the pantry.

I received $5.03 from Prosper and $13.96 from Lending Club from loans that were being repaid so that is a nice little return on my investments there.  If you would like a BONUS to begin investing with Lending Club just send me an email!!!!!

I did not buy a newspaper last month but redeemed $7 in coupons so that was a good haul for last month on the coupon base. I have already cut the coupons for this month out and cannot wait to see if I can make another profit on my coupon spree this time.

Author: Lulu

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  1. Once in a while, I do the same even though I don’t follow a certain budget. I think folks in general have to change their mindset to spend less than they make.

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  2. Groceries are somethings where saving cannot be done, it is like one has to have food. The other ways you mentioned are really some nice ways to save money.

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  3. I over spent yesterday at the grocery store also. I was starving at the time I went….bad idea.

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  4. Beyond the local newspaper, online is a great place to find coupons. You can save money and not buy a paper, but spend 5 minutes online every month instead. Also you should write a post about getting started and your experiences with Lending Club – I’m new to your blog, but I’d love to hear it!

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  5. You are in the black… that’s fantastic.
    But i know what you mean about grocery shopping, sometimes it’s just too tmepting.

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  6. You might check grocery outlet if you have on in your area. They buy overstocked merchandise and you get a great deal. Go with a list and a max amount you can spend. Bring cash and no credit/debit cards. This way I do not go over and save money.

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  7. I spent most of yesterday at the grocery store too. I was starving by the time I went …. Bad idea.

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