25 ways I save money: part 1 of 5

I thought of doing the 25 ways I save money but I think that a list of 25 is too much to go through at once. I am going to post the 25 ways in a series of 5 points each and then sum it all up at the end. That way you do not get an overload.

1. Do not buy things from vending machines.

I do not use the vending machines in the building. I make sure I always have bottled water in my bag so that I have something to drink at all times. I have trained my mind to ignore the stuff from the vending machines and since I always have a snack with me I am not tempted to use the machines.

2. Buy in bulk.

Well we all know about buying in bulk in order to save money. Now I do not just buy things in bulk JUST because they are in a bulk package. I buy the things I would normally buy anyway in bulk so that I can get a better rate.

3. Use Compact Fluorescent bulbs.

I think we have already beat this one to death. The CFL bulbs save energy. I have replaced all the bulbs in my house with them, even the one in the refrigerator. I have also cut down on the number of bulbs used. The fixture in my bathroom has slots for four bulbs but I am only using one. It still lights up the room enough so that I can get all my stuff done with just the one light.

4. Use natural light.

In order to cut down on the electricity bills even more I use as much natural light as possible. Since I live alone I just leave the bathroom door open constantly and let the light from everywhere else stream in. (My doors are constantly deadbolted people in addition to being locked and I live on the second floor so I doubt anyone will ‘accidentally’ walk in through the sliding glass doors in the living room.)

5. Open the windows.

I put up curtains to ensure privacy and I open windows. I have the bedroom window open during the day so that fresh air can circulate freely so the place does not get all stuffy. During the summer this allows a breeze to go through which cuts down on the need for the air conditioner most days. When it starts to heat up more then I use a fan with adjustable settings that will turn itself on and off according to the temperature.

Author: Lulu

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  1. I really need to replace the bulbs in our house. I’m sure the 4 pack I currently buy at the dollar store is killing us on the Elec Bill 🙁

    Also, the part about vending machines, they’re evil–everytime my son sees one he screams bubble gum mommy, bubble gum?? I always LIE and say they’re broken. OUch bad mommy I know 🙂

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  2. Now you will make DJ want to grow up and become a vending machine man so that other little boys will not have to suffer from seeing broken vending machines all the time. LOL.

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  3. Great article. I also wrote one with a similar topic:

    “Be Frugal, Without Being Cheap”

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  4. We just switched about 6 of our light bulbs over and stopped buying bottled water. Our water is great so I picked up 2 $1 refillable squirt bottles at the Dollar Tree and fill them up when I need to. I also use them at work because the water there is good too. Good for the environment as well.

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  5. Good that you are killing two birds with one stone Melissa. Save money and save the planet!!!!

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  6. LuLuGal – I just came across your site and just love it. I am just starting out my own personal finance blog and like to touch on the same topics that you cover. I look forward to discovering more about your site and reading future posts.


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    • Haha, cool. This site is really awesome:]
      I’m starting a site that informs people about sales tactics, marketing, and how to keep some of that income in their pockets. I’m sure I’ll be touching on some of the same topics as this site, and probably yours:] I’ll be sure to check that out too;]
      Keep em coming,
      Georges – SPC

      Superpoweredconsumer’s last blog post..Be Brave, Save Money:]

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  7. In reference to CFL’s for saving electricity: a good idea; we have been doing this for over 20 years but the main electricity usage (house) is the water heater (in the winter) and the clothes dryer. The air conditioning in summer consumes a lot. We just got a new system with a SEER of about 20.0 and our bill in August, 2007 in South Carolina was less than $100.00. Using a timer on water heater helps if everyone works together and takes showers in a short time frame then you can keep WH off the rest of the 24 hour time. Also we hang up clothes upstairs in our house and only use the dryer occasionally. (The upstairs is not heated or cooled and we open the windows for air flow (ventilation).

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  8. I replaced all the bulbs in my house with CFL’s a couple years ago. I’ve only replaced a single bulb in the last two years! Besides the energy savings (which I have noticed on my electric bill), the bulbs have a much longer lifespan than the old-school incandescent bulbs which I was replacing constantly.

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  9. Great article. These are all really simple ideas which you can implement at a drop of a hat.

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  10. Great series! Oh, and for those that get squeamish about the mercury content in CFL bulbs…head over to snopes.com and read the truth. If you break one, you don’t need a HAZMAT crew, just a little common sense.

    And, they’ve fixed that noticeable delay from flipping the switch to getting light. If you haven’t tried CFL’s before, try them now. 60W worth of light for around 17W of power. Pretty close to free money.

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  11. Not bad… however I know better instructions. I become a thrift lady thnaks to Zimmermann instructions. You can find it by links d-zimmermann.com

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  12. I had been informed about this from a friend (who pointed me here) so thanks for making it available.

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  13. Good ways to save money. Use natural lights is really helpful for save money and reduce electricity bill.

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  14. IS there a particular wherehouse that you recommend to buy from? I use cosco for basic toiletries and some food items. Do you suggest buying items online when the price is lower (this is including the shipping ofcourse).

    I also give kudos to you for suggesting energy efficient (aka “green”) ways for saving money.

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  15. Number 3 through 5 not only save money but add to the general atmosphere of the house. Nothing like a nice clean house with fresh air and sun wafting through. 🙂

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  16. I got more than a dozen free CFL lightbulbs on freecycle.net from someone who didn’t like them. I’ve been using them for more than 5 years.

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    • What? How can someone NOT like CFLS? Lol. That was an amazing score for you girl.

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