I am attempting a candle no buy challenge for myself. This means that I will NOT buy any candles for a specified period.

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Currently I have 12 candles on the tv stand.

candle collection

This is part of my collection which also includes:

-2 in bedrooms

-3 on the coffee table

-2 in the kitchen

-6 on a side table

This is not a large collection by any means, especially compared to some people who have hundreds. I just want to not have my candle collection become overwhelming.

For my no buy challenge I simply want to resist buying until the December sale at Bath and Body Works. This will be hard since that is almost 5 months so I will break it down as a monthly goal.

I will try to not order any candles every month and track my progress from there. Then in December I will be able to purchase when the candles are at the best sale prices of the year.