Still Can’t File My Taxes

So I am waiting on ONE statement from a financial institution so that I can finally file my taxes. It does not matter if I am getting a refund or if I have to pay. I just like to do my taxes early and get it over with.

I am really annoyed by being forced to wait but the documents will not be available until next week. I will file as soon as I see the document is ready so I can cross that off my checklist once and for all.

Author: Lulu

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  1. Gitl you shouldn’t have to wait this long. the deadline for sending out tax documents is 20 Jan. Check and see if you can get it online. Probably a lot easier.

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    • They sent out an official statement saying look out for the statements on that date. They are not available as yet online and won’t be until that date.

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    • I just want to get it over with. I hate having something on my to do list but cannot cross it off.

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