Discover Card gives 5% Cash Back on Gas in July

I just signed up for the 5% cash back program for July-September with my Discover card to save money on gas. With the Discover card you can get 5% cash back year round , but every three months a different category is featured.

In July-September, the featured categories are Gas and Hotels but I do not have any plans to be using hotels in the foreseeable future. I will be doing a lot of driving since I have to take my mother to her chemotherapy sessions and her lab work sessions and they are during separate weeks.

The promotion for the month can be seen at the Discover website and I got this confirmation from them:

Gas Stations

Get going this summer and get 5% Cashback Bonus on up to $400 in gas and hotel purchases from July through September.

You're Signed Up!

I will be paying for the gas as I use the card to buy it so I will not be carrying a balance on the card . This card is currently at a zero balance because I paid it off a few months ago. I will be earning some FREE money from Discover for the gas I was already going to buy so that will help to offset the price of gas a little bit.

You can earn some free money too by logging in to your Discover card account and clicking on the cash back area, then signing up for the promotion. It does not cost anything and you just have to click one button to get signed up. If you do not already have a Discover card it might be worth the time to apply for one now to get those savings.

Author: Lulu

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  1. Wow – I just published a post a few minutes ago about getting a new Discover Open Road credit card. They pay back 5% on your first $100 in gas and auto maintenance expenses each month.

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  2. Thanks Lulu. I also wanted to thank you for the Stumble. I saw a nice spike up in activity as soon as you mentioned it!

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  3. Is there an annual fee?

    I am always reading the fine print so I am curious. You mentioned it was 5% up to $400 dollars, that translate into $20 cash back.

    I recently got a rewards program offer by my bank, offering cash back equal to $100 but the fine print said semi-annual fees of $59 dollars so in effect, I would have ended up paying $18 dollars.

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  4. @ Mark:
    No annual fee dude. And the thing with Discover is the rewards change every three months so you can focus on what you want. I will be using mine for gas and using Chase for everything else so I can maximize rewards.

    You deserve a spanking for having a card with an annual fee. 🙂

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