Save Money by Buying in Bulk

You can save money by purchasing things in bulk. Some of you may think that buying in bulk is a waste of time because of some of the negative stories you have heard.

I would not advise that you buy food in bulk unless it was something that you use on a regular basis because then it is going to go bad.

toiletpaperWhat you should buy in bulk is things that you know you use all the time.

Like toilet paper.

I use lots of toilet paper (TMI anyone?) so when I go shopping I buy the giant packs with the 24 rolls in it. Sure it takes up a lot of space in the shopping cart and the check out person always looks at me funny.

Toilet paper is relatively cheap and buying it in bulk saves you money in the long run. The 24 pack costs less per roll than than the 12 pack or the 6 pack and you WILL use the toilet paper. It does not tie up your money in something that could have been earning you interest because you will be using the money for something that you would be using anyway.

So bulk up on that toilet paper and save some money in the long run!

What else do YOU buy in bulk?

Author: Lulu

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  1. Toilet paper, paper towels, Diet Pepsi, deodorant, razors, bathing soap, laundry soap, shampoo, AA and AAA batteries… off the top of my head, anyway. Costco can help!

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  2. Yeah Ryan those are all great things to buy in bulk. You can also add socks!!!

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  3. I agree with you. Often times prices drops when you purchase in bulk. The store often consider it as a wholesale. It also saves the cost of transportation going to the store when you purchase in retail.

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  4. Pasta and rice. It is probably the most consistent dry food I buy that last a long time when buying in bulk. Especially if you love mac and cheese, you can buy 10 lbs bags of macaroni!!! 😉

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  5. @ Mark:
    Wow dude with the mac and cheese. So when are you having a blog-B-Q and making us some mac and cheese from your 10lb bag?
    Blogging is HUNGRY work!

    All in favor of Mark having a Blog-B-Q at the Loco Mono and inviting all bloggers say Aye! 🙂

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  6. Aye, that sounds like an idea. 🙂 Maybe when I make my first 1K from blogging. That should buy plenty of macaroni for all the bloggers.

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