How I Save Money on Buying Gas

This month, the members of the Wealth, Money & Life Network have chosen Transportation as our group writing project. This is very close to our hearts right now with gas prices being what they are and just being on the rise still.

I recently wrote about my gas budget and how I make it through the month on just about $70 a month for gas . Of course I do have a fuel efficient car (go Mitsubishi Lancer!!!) and I practice a mild form of hypermiling (which I will write about later).

The first thing I use to maintain my good gas budget is to check out Gas Buddy every day. I am a registered member and I enter the gas prices when I see them. Gas buddy is a site that allows people to log in and document the gas prices at various gas stations. Anyone can then go on Gas Buddy and search for a city and then see a list of the prices for that area. This allows you to see what the lowest price in your area is and then you can go to that station to make the most of your money.

Luckily for me the Murphy Gas Station at WalMart usually has the cheapest gas and it is also the closest gas station to where I live so I do not have to go out of my way to fill up.

Do you use Gas Buddy to check gas prices?

Do you use some other site to monitor the cost of gas?

Author: Lulu

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  1. I utilize gas buddy and will use them to help plan a summer trip to Disneyland. I also wrote about hypermiling in my blog and even tried using some aspects for one week. It did help my mileage, but it does take some work. I really enjoyed reading your blog and am glad you chose my blog to advertise on entrecard.

    Thank you

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  2. I use that site also. I usually fill up at the cheapest station that is close to me or on my way to work or shopping. It’s not worth it to drive out of the way to save .02. I use gasbuddy mainly to post prices in my area as I don’t live close to the really really cheap prices listed in Tampa.
    I also do a little hypermiling.

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  3. I have never used gasbuddy but will be checking it out. What exactly is hypermiling? I have never heard of that term before.

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  4. @ PassiveFamilyIcome:
    Hypermiling is a method of changing your driving habits in order to maximize your fuel efficiency.

    It involves a lot of different things like coasting, neutral shifting, load lightening etc and I will talk about the methods I use in a later post.

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  5. @ Dividends:
    Well make sure you check it out and see if people are updating prices in your area and then go ahead and save some money if the cheaper gas is near you.

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  6. Wow, that’s not much! 🙂 I think between my husband and I, it’s about $400 a month.

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  7. Susan, I live about 10 miles from work and I just go to work and go home. I just moved where I live now and don’t really know the people here…so I don’t go out.

    Plus it is a really small town so there is nothing to do anyway.

    I do a little bit of shopping at CVS and it on the way from work so I can just stop. The majority of my shopping is at Walmart, which is one mile from my home…so not much driving for me at all.

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  8. I will have to check out Gas Buddy too. Since I have a Blackberry with nationwide coverage (data plan only), I am wondering if I can use this to help wherever I go.

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  9. Sams Club gas is really cheap, but the way i saved gas is know my routes for that day and move forward with them. Watch the gas mileages and understand how much you are burning at the same time. Works for me! 🙂

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