How I Save Money On Pet Food Mats

Pet food mats can be expensive. They are simply a mat placed under your pet’s food bowl. This is to catch any scraps and prevent a mess.

So how do I save money on this item? Keep reading to find out!

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Microfiber towels

I save money on pet food mats by simply reusing items I already have. I use microfiber towels under my pet’s food bowls. These catch water spills, stray kibble, and chunks of canned food as well.

Instead of buying a pricey food mat I simply use a washable towel. I have a TON of microfiber towels that I got for a low price. These are great to clean the kitchen, bathroom, and other household spots.

I also place them under my pet’s food and water bowls. When I notice they are getting dirty…usually about once a week, I will replace with new towels. I have a mesh basket that I toss all the towels in. This would include towels used for dry dusting, cleaning up spills, and other chores.

I usually have enough to do a load of laundry with just my microfiber towels. By using this I can save money and simply wash the used items with other similar ones.

How do you save money when it comes to your pets?

Author: Lulu

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