Save Money By Shopping Outside The Box

I am always looking for ways to save money and I keep stressing that we need to think a little bit differently to get the best deal. I just proved this by shopping in a different department for clothing and boy did I get a great deal.

I was in the market for a yellow polo shirt to wear on casual Fridays at work, since our school colors include yellow. I had heard of a teacher store that sold shirts….but when I checked them out the shirts were a bit on the expensive side.

I then decided to go Walmart (where else?) to see if I could get a shirt because a polo is a polo right? I went to the women’s section but could not find a medium shirt (why does everyone wear my size?) and then I moved over to the girls section. I found a polo shirt that was a good quality, with thick material that looked like it could handle many washings and wearings.

The shirt cost $13 which is not too bad and I was about to buy it when I remembered that I get socks in the mens department for less than the cost in the womens department so I skipped (yes I DID) over to the mens department on the hunt for a yellow polo shirt.

There were none that fit me since I would need a small in the male sizes to fit me. I made yet another trip over to a department that was not mine to see if I could find a good deal.


YellowPoloI found a yellow polo shirt in the boys department that was the same size as the one in the women’s section that fit me. Now the size is obviously different as I had to go the ‘husky boys’ section but I got a shirt. And better yet it only cost $6.

That’s right, $6 in the boys section compared to $13 in the women and girls sections.

I got what I wanted and saved money on it too as I was prepared to shell out the $13 initially for the shirt. My point here is to try to think outside of what you normally do in order to get a deal and don’t be afraid to try new things as you never know what lies just outside your boundaries.

Author: Lulu

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  1. Very nice tip Lulu. And I can’t believe the shirt above costs only 6 bucks! Wow, really a bargain. I think this is the kind of trait that most people should have, thinking outside the box. There are people that are even creating another box, If you are that kind of an independent thinker, you can do it too. My two cents is to observe. Keenly observe the things around you and tickle your imagination. Learn to always ask yourself lots of what-if’s questions.

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  2. I too have noticed that certain items of clothing are cheaper when you check in different sections of the store. Very helpful tip.

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  3. Women often seem to have to pay more than men for similar items like clothing. Good on you for being creative and getting a great bargain.

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    • The shirts went on sale for $3 and I have another post coming out on this in the next couple of weeks.

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