Save Paper and Save Money…Why I Do Not Get ATM Receipts

In my quest to save money I like to think of some little things I can do to conserve every day. This might not be a big deal to everyone but it helps me to think that I am making a difference.

When I have to use the ATM, which is not often because I do not carry cash that much, I never get a receipt . I always use the option that says not to get a receipt because quite frankly I do not need it. I balance my checkbook every day and I always know what is in my bank account at any given time.

By not getting a receipt I am saving on the paper that would need to be printed off and let’s face it I would be throwing the paper receipt away as soon as I entered the figures in Money anyway.

If we all start using the option to not get a receipt at the ATM it would slowly add up over time.
So save paper, save money and save the Earth too . Don’t get a receipt from the ATM.

What do you think?

Author: Lulu

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  1. Exactly, it amazes me how people have the option to check their balance using the screen then have it printed out again only to hold it before their faces to scrunitize every last penny as if they needed some kind of proof to believe what they were seeing.

    Not only would it save the planet, it would also save finance charges because as a user, we pay for the paper, the ink, and the electricity to run the ATM.

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  2. I’ve never seen that option on my ATM. Anyone know if Bank of America allows you to forgo a receipt? And if so, how?

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  3. If you’re not using the ATM, you must make payments with credit cards and with your ATM card at the store. Don’t you get charged service fees every time you use your ATM Card? That could get expensive.

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  4. I agree with you and I think the ATM receipts are a waste. But a couple of years ago the bank had lost my check and without the receipt they weren’t able to find my check for 7 – 10 and it was very inconvenient for me.

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  5. @ Mark:
    I used to print out my ATM results up til a few years ago so I won’t be too harsh on people who still do it. But that was before I actually THOUGHT about stuff like that.

    @ Amy:
    I do not use BofA so I have no clue. I have Wells Fargo for my rare ATM deposits.

    @ Monty Loree:
    I do not use my ATM cards for purchases. I use my Chase Visa for ALL purchases to get the cash back and when I go home I schedule a payment for the amount from my ING account.

    In fact I actually have not used an ATM in a long time and don’t even remember what my PINs are. 🙂

    @ NoBrainer:
    I hardly ever have to use the ATM so it is not a big deal for me. I have a bank 5 mins away that closes at 5 and I get home at 4 so when I need cash (mainly on the weekend for laundry) I just run there to get it since it is on my way home…and since I am always in the Walmart where the bank is located anyway.

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  6. This is a good point. I never really thought about it.

    What about receipts at the gas pump, too!

    These are usually the only slips of paper I have hanging around.

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  7. You don’t get charged if you don’t use ATMs outside of your network.

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  8. I agree. Receipts before are produce because theres no digital form. But today receipts are useless.

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  9. @ Paulette:
    Some people just like to have receipts lying around I guess because it makes it easier for them to balance their accounts.

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  10. I never get a receipt. Waste of paper, and yes, I’m just going to throw it away a little while later.

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  11. it’s so funny how one interesting post in a blog makes you want to read each and every single one. Another interesting one, I usually get a receipt just to make sure what I took out can be confirmed immediately. But thinking about it,I get rid of it ASAP littering the environment,wasting paper etc. Thanks

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  12. @ Land Rover
    Well I am glad that you enjoyed the post and you want to read some more. 🙂

    Save the environment and don’t get receipts.

    Please subscribe to the feed and that way you can stay updated on every post I write. 🙂

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