I Am Going Home!!!!!

I will be going home for the month of July this year.  I have not been home for a long time (about 5 years!!!) and while I will be happy to see my family…it will be a litle sad since I lost my mother in December last year

I will finally get to see her grave since I could not go home for the funeral. I am not sure how I will react to that yet…but it is something I need to do.

So I will be off to sunny St. Lucia for about a month with nothing to do all day. I will continue to prewrite some posts for that time so the blog will be updated on the regular Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule, with little tidbits thrown in on the other days.

st-luciaI will be looking for a few guest posts as well so get those thinking caps on.

You can use the contact page to send me info about the guest post you want to send in.

One benefit of going home is that my electricity bill (high during the Texas summers) will be lower since I will not be at home for a whole month. Yippee!!!!

I promise the following:

* I will have fun

* I will sleep late

* I will eat TONS of fruits

* I will NOT get a sunburn

* I will take pictures

* I will stay within my budget (easy to do since I will be operating on a cash only basis when I go home. International fees would KILL my credit cards!!!!)

Other than that….it is all up for grabs.

Author: Lulu

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  1. Sorry to hear about your mother…. that must make it hard. I hope you can use the vacation productively in your leisure! Sounds like you really deserve it after 5 years. Though I can’t imagine how hot St. Lucia will be in July…

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    • It will be about 85 degrees. Just perfect for carnival and going to the beach.

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  2. Sorry to hear about the loss..May her soul rest in peace..I’ll be checking up on you to see what you’ll be getting up to. Upload pic when possible,another great opportunity to see beautiful Lulu..Have a nice one. Mon

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