How I Save Money on Buying Gas

This month, the members of the Wealth, Money & Life Network have chosen Transportation as our group writing project. This is very close to our hearts right now with gas prices being what they are and just being on the rise still. I recently wrote about my gas budget and how I make it through the month on just about $70 a month for gas . Of course I do have a fuel efficient car (go Mitsubishi Lancer!!!) and I practice a mild form...

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Wealth, Money and Life Network favorite posts

Here are my favorite recent posts from the members of the Wealth, Money & Life Network. Dividends 4 Life shows us how to save money by giving the Gift Of Nothing . Now I must say I was a bit disturbed as I read the first sentence because I thought this guy was being WAAAAY too cheap…but then I realized what he was talking about. Dollar Frugal shows us how she Did Not Save $80 On Insurance . This reminds me of the time I...

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