Credit Card balance transfers

Some people think they can transfer credit card balances to lower their debt. This only works if you do not charge anything on the card you are transferring to and pay more than the minimum due. Otherwise you are just shuffling the money and the interest around and you may end up paying more in interest in the long run. Once again I see people saying you should cut up your credit cards but this, in my opinion, is not very practical....

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Free Stuff

Okay, now some of you may not believe this but there really are places to get things for free!!! My personal favorite is I stumbled on this site a few months ago and I love it. They have a wide variety of items that you can choose from. You fill out a simple sign up sheet and then you get samples. You have to log on to the site because they do not send you any emails. Once you are there you click on a sample and...

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Saving money

Today I really started to think about saving money. We use a lot of excuses as to why we are unable to save money. It is not easy if you don’t already have a fabulous income and a small amount of debt, but it is possible. All you have to do is take a few small steps and you will soon see some rewards. One of the first things is to stop making excuses and take action. One excuse is ” I deserve to be pampered and have nice...

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