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I have used MyPoints for years now because I love the rewards that I get from them. MyPoints is a program that basically pays you to read their advertising emails from partners. You get points for every email that you click through and then you can redeem these points for gift cards to certain retailers.

If you would like to try MyPoints let me know and I can send you a referral and we BOTH win!!!!

I used MyPoints to get gift cards to restaurants like Red Lobster (my favorite!!!) and also recently to stores like CVS where I can get stuff for free!

MyPoints also came up with a VISA card that gave you 1% cash back for every $1 spent. I use this card infrequently to purchase things online to get the bonus and to keep the card active since it is good for my credit score.

ChaseFreedom1Recently, Chase decided to acquire MyPoints VISA and they moved the cards to the same account.

When I tried to log into my MyPoints account it redirected me to Chase and said that I would have to update my login information.


I did not want to have yet another set of passwords to remember so I was really angry about this. I decided to use the forgot login info option and they retrieved my information using the card number.

Then for some reason, using this option merged my accounts so when I logged into my Chase account I saw the MyPoints card there as well. No new login info needed.  Sweet.

Author: Lulu

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  1. If you like MyPoints you might also want to check out OpinionSquare – I was a member of MyPoints and it is good but I found that I got points faster with OpinionSquare – if you don’t get into a survey they give you chances to win points. It doesn’t have as many gift card options but the prizes you can get with the points are pretty decent – I have used them for myself and for gifts.

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  2. I’ve been with MyPoints for seemingly ages (probably around 7-8 months). I’m slowly working my way up to a $50 amazon gift card, and just need another 500 points because it’s a total of 100 points less than getting 2 $25 gift cards 🙂

    I’ve had the Chase Amazon Visa for a year now and really like it. Their online account management is easy to use and allow you to schedule automatic payments, which is great for making sure you don’t forget and get charged fees.

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  3. MyPoints is a pretty good program. I used to do the emails, but eventually stopped. Obviously, I cashed out one last gift-card and then cancelled my account. Stumbled on this site while doing some research for my own site. I just put together a whole list of survey/trial/points sites. If you wouldn’t mind exchanging links, let me know.

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  4. Shopping online with a gift card?
    I’ve recently received gift cards to gap, target, american eagle, the options gift card (old navy, gap, banana republic, and piperlime)and kevin’s fine outdoor gear and apparel. I am wondering that if i am to shop online with these cards, is it possible for me to return the clothes after I purchase them if they don’t fit? is it different for each store? help!

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  5. I hadn’t even heard of MyPoints. Where have I been? Thanks for the information.

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  6. Hi Lulu, as you already know I love making extra cash when possible. Can you please send me a referral and let see how it goes.


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  7. I’m using inboxdollars right now. I haven’t gotten to the point where I can receive a payout, but if I’m not satisfied with them, I’ll definitely contact you.

    Anyone use inbox dollars? If so, how did you like it?

    highinterestchecking – fyi – check the return policy on these websites. You can shop online, they’ll give you the option at checkout. Or you can take them to actual stores where you can try on the clothes before you buy. I prefer doing this, personally.

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    • I have used InBox Dollars but I would not count on it as a main source of income unless you want to do all the little trial offers. I just click on the paid emails they send and wait for that money to build up. It takes a long time but I did get paid from them once and have a nice balance on the way to payment soon.

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  8. I canceled the Chase card they sent. Why? Because when Chase acquired WaMu, they canceled the agreement with MyPoints. Now I don’t earn points when I use the card, so what’s the point of having it? That’s why I got it in the first place! Still waiting for MyPoints to create a new agreement with someone before I get a card anywhere else.

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  9. Just a heads up, mypoints has been cancelling a lot of accounts without warning. They recently cancelled mine with no warning and no explanation. I emailed them 3 times and they will only reply with a form email. I had close to 3000 points and they are GONE! After it happened, I googled closed mypoints account and found that it is happening to a lot of people. It seems like they are claiming people have violated terms of service but conveniently refusing to say what they have done. It also seems like 3000 points is the “magic number” for getting your account cancelled. Some complaints I found suggested that the bad economy may have hurt them and they need to re-coup some $$$! If you have points, cash them in before they disappear! If you haven’t joined, beware Mypoints!

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  10. I am having to deal with this regarding my wachovia account, they are switching over the wells fargo and its a mess. I just wish they could figure out how to transfer things more simply.

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  11. Haven’t heard of MyPoints before but it sounds really interesting. Id also be interested in the Chase visa that comes with it.

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