Redeeming Discover Cash Back Rewards Just Got Better

Discover card is pleased to announce that they have improved the cash back rewards program and made it a little easier and more fun to use. Discover  is a great credit card to have as it offers 3% cash back and you get rotating rewards that offer up to 5% cash back every quarter. I use this card for most of my purchases and then use it strictly for gas during the summer as the rewards on gas are the highest at that time.

The biggest changes come in the form of :

  • Improved Navigation
  • Quick Find
  • Recommendations For You
  • More Redemption Options

The site has been laid out to make it much easier to navigate through and get what you want quickly. This means you can just go straight to the category you want and find exactly what you need.

With the Quick Find option you can locate the different rewards that you need with just a few clicks. Looking for restaurant gift cards? That is available in a few clicks! Looking for online gift cards? Well you can find that too with the quick find on the site.

Based on your shopping habits and what you have redeemed in the past, Discover makes personalized recommendations for the types of rewards you want to redeem. This is a great way to save time because you do not have to scroll through pages of rewards to find something you like.

There have also been more redemption offers included in the list from gift cards to ipods and other merchandise. And the best part of it all is that unlike some other rewards programs they ship FREE to any US street address!!!!

I love my Discover card and although I was using it to only get Red Lobster and CVS gift cards I might just start checking out the other options available in the prizes section.

Remember, to make the most optimal use of your Discover credit card you need to:

  • Have a zero balance
  • Pay the card in full every statement
  • Sign up for the rotating rewards

Another great option of the Discover cash back program that I forgot to mention is that when you choose a gift card (of a certain amount) you get a bonus $5.  So every time I redeem $45 in rewards for a CVS gift card I end up getting a $50 gift card, while a $20 redemption at Sally’s gives me a $25 gift card!!

Author: Lulu

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  1. I love it when sites become more navigable. With all the high-tech advances, many things including phones are no longer user friendly. Sometimes it’s better to keep it nice and simple.

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  2. I have the Discover Road card that gets me 5% cash back on all vehicle related purchases. The shopping bonus and exchange bonuses are nice too! Like you, I always pay off my credit card.

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  3. Does Discover card post all their clients that are doing the $5 bonus?

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    • Yes they do. Once you log in to the account and look under the rewards there is a little icon that tells you which partners give the extra $5.

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  4. Discover Card isn’t accepted everywhere though. I though about getting one but really no one around me accepts it. Why is that?

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  5. @textbook rentals: I believe Discover just charges merchants too much to accept Discover credit cards. Meanwhile companies like Visa and MasterCard offer less benefits to their card holders, but charge merchants much less.

    @Lulu: with a post like this you really need to apply for the Discover Card affiliate program. You could be missing out on a $85 commission if someone happened to apply for a Discover credit card after reading your post.

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  6. I love love love cashback sites and cards.
    As long as you know you can budget and use it sensibly then it’s an easy way to get a little bit more money 🙂

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  7. 3% cash back and FREE shipping to any US street address, its really cool offer for us, as seems people happy here other user will happy.

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  8. My Discover Card is now giving 5% cash back on restaurants and department stores this quarter. That’s pretty good.. except like mentioned above, Discover isn’t taken everywhere. My Citi and Chase cards also offer 5% back on certain categories as well. You need to play the CC game and not let them play you!

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  9. I didn’t realize that the promotions for discover card were so cool. I will have to look into them again. I thought they were not accepted in as many places but hopefully they have expanded. It would work for online purchases and I could rack up points that way I guess.

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  10. Cashback programs are common in almost all credit cards but i guess discover has a higher Cashback rate compared to others.

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    • I have not taken the time to calculate all the rewards and compare between Discover and Chase…I use both and I am quite pleased.

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