Almost Got In Trouble

I was recently contacted by the provider of a service because they believed that I told readers to stay away from their product. This is because of a post where I said I would no longer use that product and was based on my experience at the time.

While I find it interesting to note that this company is actively searching for comments about their product I would like to clarify my point. I will not name the product or company but I will state that I have NEVER told anyone to stop using a certain product based on my personal experience.

I have never told anyone to NOT use a product or service because I do not like it. I might have said that I prefer product X over product Y because of a personal experience but I always leave my readers to make their own decisions.

The situation was resolved in the end but I was just a little bit put off by the fact that my comments were misconstrued and that someone was so offended as to have a number of different people contact me about it.

Author: Lulu

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  1. Stay calm. You don’t have to worry about anything if you know that you’re not doing anything wrong. Have a peace of mind bro!

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  2. That is really lame and with the freedom of speech act that was enacted Years and years ago, how do they even have a right to ask that of you?

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  3. I think these “providers of services” should provide some better services if they want to get good reviews and comments about their services or products.

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  4. I agree with the other comments here. You are just sharing your experience with your readers on the product/service, so I don’t see anything wrong here. The provider should improve their product/service in order to get good comments.

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