ING’s New Debit Card For Electric Orange Checking Accounts

I just received my new debit card from ING for my Electric Orange Checking Account and I was a bit confused at first. I do not use debit cards as I prefer to use my credit cards for all purchases under my zero based budgeting system.

The new card does not look like a regular debit card because there are no numbers on the front. When you flip the card over all your information is on the BACK just like with regular cards. I think the new card looks a bit like a fake card, you know like those fake credit cards you get in those pre-approved offers and I almost put this one in the ‘shred’ pile on the front desk.

The new design does not bother me because I do not use debit cards…unless ING runs another one of their specials where you get cash back for making a certain number of debit purchases.

Have you gotten your new card yet? What do you think of the redesign?

Author: Lulu

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  1. I don’t like the new style debit card at all. It was difficult enough getting my family to agree to open an online only bank and now this card tops it off.
    It looks fake and it looks cheap. I can already see problems trying to use this card.

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  2. The card is definately different. I have one and yes vendors do look at it before they charge me but it swipes, they get paid and I walk out. Simply put it does what every other debit card does. ING DIRECT is just trying something new. The account itself if very good.

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  3. I thought it was the prettiest card i have ever seen, and i feel compelled to use it just cause how cool it looks.

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  4. I do not like it because I do use my card alot and do not carry cash.
    the design is fine but they should have kept the raised number. I am just about blind and
    always in a rush. when I go fish in my pocket for my card i used to feel for my cards numbers. I cant do that anymore.

    please bring back the raised numbers for those that are blind and use our fingers to see.

    thank you.

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  5. I can see how this card will be major trouble soon. The name and card# not embossed will rub off very soon after starting use. Also, many businesses require an imprint of the card– pizza delivery people, taxi cab drivers.. We don’t need more merchants giving us trouble.

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  6. All you people have it wrong. This new debit card is designed for YOUR SECURITY. The numbers are on the back of the card and are not raised so the guy standing in line behind you can’t take a picture of your credit card and buy a new surfboard!! When you swipe a “regular” debit card, your card number and expiration date are fully exposed to anybody.

    Point of Sale (retail) transactions DO NOT require the 3 digit code on the back either in case you were getting ready to say that.

    ING has the most comprehensive security measures of ANY bank out there; this debit card is just an extension of that policy.

    If there are businesses that still use “swipe” machines, I say get with the times or loose my business.

    Good job ING, keep up the good work.

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    • I agree with you! i did look at it kinda funny yesterday but immediately noticed that it was obviously a security feature!

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  7. actually if you do POS purchases and your magnetic strip fails the merchant has to either refuse the sale or input it manually and to save their behinds they’d require to imprint as well as the 3 digit code on the back of your card–neither which you can do with this debit card–but that’s okay, with the interest rate they give you i’m sure you (and them as well) would rather you keep the balance in your card then going around spending it willy nilly.

    but you’re also limited to purchasing things over the internet which most merchants would require the 3 digit code as well–and since ING uses mastercard as their credit processor and mastercard usually has the 3 digit code in the back..

    that said i’d still open a checking account with them, i already have for the savings and am in the process for checking because of the interest rates.

    i’m also trying to spend less so if i’m limited by their cards then hey, even better.

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  8. hi i want to open a e-commerce web site so there i want to check is the debit or credit card being used is real or fake
    but ‘m not getting how to fins out can u help me out…

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  9. I rarely use mine but the few times I do it WILL NOT SWIPE! Everytime I try to use it THEY HAVE TO ENTER IT MANUALLY EVERY TIME! I’m not very happy with this card.

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