Staying Away From Bath And Body Works So I Can Save Money

I have to practice staying away from Bath and Body Works so I can save money. I have been so tempted by their candles and body washes recently that I need to just stay away so I don’t spend any more.

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If you have ever gone into a Bath and Body Works store then you know what I am talking about. The candles just draw me in and I recently bought a few when they were on sale and I had a coupon. I do think the candles are a bit expensive at $22.50 each but I don’t mind getting it when it is on sale at $12.50 for the large three wick ones.

Luckily I am not such a big fan of the lotions or I would be spending a LOT more money at Bath and Body Works. I am not wrecking my budget because this comes out of the ‘fun’ category in the budget…but it does mean that I have less for other fun things.

candle indigo sky

My current favorites are Indigo Sky and Tiki Beach and those are the most recent ones that I got. I have been burning those candles EVERY day for multiple hours a day and they are almost about halfway done. Since they are almost halfway I have been thinking about getting replacements but I really cannot justify spending that much on candles in such a short period of time…especially since they have gone back to full price.

candle tiki beach

I will just have to wait for June (or around that time) when they have the semi-annual sale and prices drop again so I can get more. The thing I hate about the sale is that I somehow never get there at the beginning of the sale and everything that I like is gone by the time I get there. The good thing is that the mid year sale is close to my birthday so I can get some new candles as my birthday gift!

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