The Ally CashBack Visa Signature card is finally in my hands! If you don’t know what that is then read on for more details.

I received an invitation in the mail to apply for the card. I was not really in the market for a new credit card but it did have a great sign up bonus that caught my attention.

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I love cash back credit cards and the Ally CashBack Visa Signature card is good for what it offers.

ally cashback card

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Card Basics

  • 2% cash back at gas stations
  • 2% cash back at grocery stores
  • 1% cash back on all other purchases
  • 10% deposit bonus…when you redeem your points into you eligible Ally bank account
  • no annual fee

But wait…there’s more

The best part of this card is the sign up bonus. When you spend $500 during the first three billing cycles you earn $100 as a bonus.

I usually use one credit card for a month or so and then switch to a new one the following month. When I received this card in the mail I immediately made it the card of the month. I activated, signed it, and switched it out with the card that was currently in my wallet.

It will be easy for me to spend the $500 over the next three billing cycles. The billing cycles are approximately one month so that will be about three months of spending. I will use this card as the main card for all purchases until the end of December.

I will update you again once the three cycles are over. Since I have other cards that offer 5% cash back, I am not sure what I will do with the card after that since I .

Have you gotten a good credit card offer in the mail recently? Let us know in the comments!