How I Save Money At CVS: 11 Jan 09

Today I paid $1.41 for $6.00 worth of items. I was not impressed with the selection for this week and there was really only one thing that I really wanted today.

I got a few coupons and an extra $2.00 ECB from the magic machine at the front of the store.

You may also notice that the image is a lot clearer than the ones I usually post of my CVS shopping and that is because I took the pic with my new digital camera. This was my late Christmas gift so now I have a real camera….no more fuzzy phone photos!

Transaction 1

Item: Soy Joy six pack
Price: $6.00

CVS Extra Care Bucks earned: $6.00 (FREE item)

Total coupons used: $4.59 ECBimg_0208

Total out of pocket today: $1.41

Total CVS Extra Care Bucks earned today: $6.00

Total out of pocket to date: $189.14

Total CVS Extra Care Bucks earned to date: $529.59

CVS Extra Care Bucks Used to date: $498.61

CVS Extra Care Bucks Balance: $30.98

Abbreviations used

MFR = manufacturer coupon

ECB = extra care bucks

Join me next time as I look for more ways to save money as I visit CVS.

Author: Lulu

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  1. You’ve been nominated for the Lemonade Award!!! Thanks for all the hard work that you do on your blog and especially for all the help that you have given to me and to others in helping us to understand the CVS ECB’s!!!

    Go to my site to accept your award!!!

    JT Locke
    The Frugal Housewife

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    • Yeah I just realized that I really like the strawberry so I am going to swing by tomorrow after work and hopefully get three more boxes for just two cents!!!!!

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