…to a new kitty!!!!

I wrote about getting  a cat some time ago but decided against it because of the cost.

As you can tell from this post I have since changed my mind and I now have a new addition to my household.

I went to the shelter and got a beautiful cat. He is 1 year and 6 months old and is soooooooooooooooooo sweet and delightful.

He was a surprise from Baz who ‘kidnapped’ me and then took me to the shelter to pick out the new love of my life. I have always loved cats and we always had one at home. I have not had one since I moved to the US for school..so it has been a long, lonely road for me without a feline companion.

KittyI was thinking of naming him something money related and came up up with the name of Coupon but then decided to include my readers in a vote to pick his name.  His name is now Dinero which is in line with my Goals for 2009 and attracting money to my life. I had originally planned on calling him Coupon but was outvoted by the masses 🙂 .

Now I know that I will not be saving any money by having a cat…in fact I have already used up all of the ‘fun’ money for the month getting him his shots and tests and food and bedding…and I still have to register him and pay the rest of the deposit on adding a pet to my apartment.

He is also going to cost me $10 a month in rent…but I love him so it is worth it.

I will get a better pic of him once I get the camera back.

So everyone please welcome Dinero to the blog….yes he is a blogger too!!!! Meow.