Some People Have NO Laundry Room Etiquette!

I went off to the laundry room of the apartment complex to get ONE load of laundry done (I must have lost my mind to try to do laundry on a Saturday morning) and got to meet one of the people who have NO laundry room etiquette at all.

There are SIX washers and six dryers in the room so common sense would tell you that a normal human being would not use all the machines at the same time especially if you live in a complex with lots of people who may also want to do laundry at ten in the morning. I have one load in the washer with the lid closed because I am waiting on the guy before me who has 10 minutes left on the three dryers he is using…while the person who is using the other three dryers is nowhere to be found.

There are FIVE machines with the lids up, showing they are empty and I am leaning on the one that has my clothes and the lid is closed. Sloppy selfish guy comes in dragging laundry bags and garbage bags full of clothes and proceeds to fill up the first three machines. He has to pass me to get to the other two so I move to let him by and he OPENS my machine.

I tell him that is mine and can he not see there are two other open ones? He shrugs and grunts and looks at the garbage bags full of clothes that he still has. He then proceeds to walk back to the car to get his remaining quarters and then walks back AGAIN to get the soap and ONCE MORE to get fabric softener.

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Seriously dude? Put ALL  the quarters in your pocket (he only had enough for one load in his pocket) if you are going to to multiple loads which you obviously intended on since you dragged 4 bags of clothes in.

In between all the trips he made out to the car it took him about 10 minutes because on his last trip in the other guy’s dryers started going off so he began to remove the clothes. Nice guy tells me I can have his dryers when he is done and I say ok.

Meanwhile, Sloppy guy has not even started one of the five washers he already has clothes in…..because he is huffing and puffing WAITING for me to remove my clothes from washer six.

Common sense and laundry etiquette say that you should have started the washers as you fill them so that by the time I was done emptying mine you could have it.

But NO…selfish Sloppy guy decides NO ONE will wash except him so he twiddles his thumbs (not even adding detergent or quarters to the washers) until I get all my clothes out…..THEN he proceeds to start his washing.

I really hate people who are being selfish like this….what about the OTHER people who need to do laundry too?

Author: Lulu

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  1. Brings back unpleasant memories from my apartment days! I vowed never to get into an apartment which didn’t have a washer/dryer if I can help it!

    I can totally understand your frustration!

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    • It is certainly something to consider for the next time I move. Sadly the apartment I have now does not have connections for a washer and dryer and while there are connections in the bigger apartment I do not want to move just for that now.

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      • This apartment I lived in had this rule that you can’t use the laundry after 9pm. By the time I came back from work, I hardly had time to do laundry so I could only do this on weekends.

        Come weekend, I would run down to do laundry lugging the laundry basket and I would see the same person occupying all the machines! Aargh!

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        • Wow that is messed up. I get home from work early enough that I can do it during the week but I was just so tired last week that I tried Saturday morning. Never again!!!!!

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  2. I am thinking of getting an apartment soon and I anticipate having to deal with this kind of situation. I have been trying to find an apartment that allows a washer and dryer to avoid these kind of laundry room situations. Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience LuLu.

    – Robert

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  3. Around here, you can’t even leave your washer and dryer unmonitored, I had it where I came back to my dryer 5 minutes after it was complete, and my clothes was completely removed from the dryer and left all over the tables, mind you they were not finished drying yet.


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    • Wow now that is really bad. I remember one time at a different complex they stole some of our clothes out of the dryer. I got back before the dryer stopped…but when I was taking the clothes out I thought it looked a bit like something was missing. Then when I finally took the clothes home we realized that they had stolen all the dress shirts and left the other stuff.

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      • Sorry to hear about the stolen clothes, luckily nothing has been stolen over hear, just rowdy college kids is all…. but I guess you can expect that sort of a thing since I am at college… and alot of the kids will just do whatever they want, lol.


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  4. Wow, where do these people come from? In the apartment building I just came from there were about 16 washers and maybe 10 dryers for a building with a good 1000 people or so. It actually wasn’t bad during the times I went to do my laundry, and I would take about 2 washers at a time and later 1 dryer. I would never stop a running dryer, but if ever I found a dryer that had completed and the clothes were dry and the person was nowhere to be found, I’d sometimes put the clothes out on top so I could dry mine. I’ve had it happen to me too and it’s no big deal so long as it’s not done in a disrespectful manner (stop in the middle of a load, dump clothes on the floor, etc…)

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